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Traditionally, all users have been connected to a secure office network with multiple layers of security. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, users abstained from the secure office network and connected directly to the internet and thus remain exposed to the internet for long periods. If these user endpoints are not powered and managed by the cloud, the administrator loses visibility and control for threat mitigation and response. Addressing threats, and detecting and remediating them without affecting the user’s productivity, is where the shift from traditional endpoints to new-age endpoints can make a difference.

The sudden transformation from office to new remote working environments has distributed the business while creating a cybersecurity bubble around the workers. As the hybrid work environment continues to flourish, migration to the cloud has accelerated and an effective endpoint solution needs to be cloud-powered and cloud-managed.

The Endpoint Detection and Response Solutions (EDR) are quite autonomous in detecting complex threats that cannot be prevented and work towards remediating them manually. In today’s hybrid work environment, you need your endpoint to be your enforcement arm and move from being an EDR to an XDR. With XDR solutions like Secure Endpoints, customers would be able to integrate, correlate, automate, and orchestrate actions in an endpoint remotely to reduce the impact of attacks.

SecureX is a unified platform that integrates firewall, email, and web to help detect and respond to attacks faster. It offers a single dashboard to monitor, integrate and protect across threat vectors & integrate with 3rd party threat intel where the administrator can see all the events that are critical to their enterprise. This customizable dashboard provides an overview of events, helps in threat hunting, incident response, to orchestrate & automate responses to attacks like a SOAR. Having an integrated architecture and an environment that proactively reduces Time to Detect & Respond is very critical.

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