Stocks sharply higher, Google settlement, Desk shortage – KVIA El Paso


NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. stocks closed with solid gains today on Wall Street. The S&P rose 51.87 points or 1.6% to close at 3,298.46 led by technology and health care stocks. The index came within striking distance of a 10% drop from its all-time high earlier this week in what Wall Street calls a correction. The Dow today gained 358.52 points, or 1.3%, to 27,173.96. The Nasdaq composite climbed 241.30 points, or 2.3%, to 10,913.56.

NEW YORK (AP) — Google’s parent company has reached a $310 million settlement in a shareholder lawsuit over its treatment of allegations of sexual misconduct by executives. Thousands of Google employees walked out of work in protest in 2018 after The New York Times revealed Android creator Andy Rubin received $90 million in severance even though several employees filed misconduct allegations against him. Shareholder lawsuits followed and in 2019 Google launched a board investigation over how it handles sexual misconduct allegations. Alphabet Inc. said today that it will prohibit severance packages for anyone fired for misconduct or is the subject of a sexual misconduct investigation.

WASHINGTON (AP) — If you’re on Medicare, don’t run to the mailbox just yet looking for a $200 prescription drug card courtesy of President Donald Trump. Government officials say key details of Trump’s giveaway still have to be worked out, from the exact timing to who will get them and how Medicare would cover the cost — which could approach $7 billion. Trade groups representing the two industries most affected by the plan — insurers and drug companies — said they had no information from the Trump administration. Public policy experts are calling the drug discount cards for seniors an attention-grabbing move that in the end won’t actually change much.

DALAS (AP) — A major U.S. provider of software services to state and local governments has acknowledged it was hit by a ransomware attack. That comes two days after Tyler Technologies told clients an unknown intruder had compromised its phone and information technology systems. Tyler said today that it confirmed the intruder used ransomware but did not provide further details, citing an ongoing investigation. Ransomware purveyors break into networks and siphon out valuable data before scrambling them and demanding payouts.

NEW YORK (AP) — First it was toilet paper. Disinfectant wipes. Canned beans. Coins. Computers. Now, desks are in short supply. The slew of kids attending virtual school has parents scrambling to find furniture for them even as workers realize they’re home for the long haul and need to update their home offices. It’s a small indignity compared with the kids who don’t even have home internet, but it’s a hassle for parents lucky enough to have the space and money to afford desks just the same. To find desks, people are scouring stores near and far and even making their own.


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