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StocksToTrade Review – Should You Use the Platform?

StocksToTrade Review – Should You Use the Platform?

StocksToTrade (STT) is a trading platform with a difference. Designed as a user-friendly interface between traders and equities markets, StocksToTrade is fully compatible with a number of world-class brokers, but is not in and of itself a brokerage. This trading platform provides a wide range of feature-rich tools, trading resources, market insights, and powerful algorithms designed to facilitate trading. STT is powered by a proprietary algorithm known as Oracle which screens the top performing stocks – in terms of volatility – for the day. You can trade on PC, Mac, and mobile, at your leisure, with one platform, one system, and one login.

By registering at STT, traders have ready access to a wide range of market tools and resources. Given that it is not a brokerage, it is incumbent upon the trader to source a reputable brokerage which is compatible with the StocksToTrade platform. In the fine print, StocksToTrade clearly highlights that it is not registered as a securities broker-dealer or an investment adviser. This dynamic trading platform was engineered by traders, for traders. It is based out of Brea, California.

Whether you are looking to earn a little bit of extra cash on the side by trading penny stocks, or you are intent on making day trading and investing a career prospect, StocksToTrade can certainly help. A number of high-profile brokerages fully support the STT trading platform. These include E*TRADE owned Capital One, Interactive Brokers (IB), Tradier Brokerage, E*TRADE, Robinhood, Ally Invest, and Just2Trade. These brokers control the lion’s share of new retail trading activity, and STT is compatible with all of them.

STT effectively allows new traders to enjoy a fully immersive experience, much like the institutional traders on Wall Street. Interactive charts, graphs, access to real-time pricing, and rapid executions of trades are standard with the StocksToTrade platform. A veritable library of trading data is presented, for a better understanding of the technical and fundamental aspects of the financial instruments. Viewed in perspective, STT certainly fills a void in the market where traders can access a large number of penny stocks instantly, and execute stop loss orders and take profit orders with maximum precision.

Table of Contents:

  • STTs Global Operations
  • What STT Isn’t
  • Getting Started with STT
  • Fees and Minimum Balance Requirements
  • Is STT Safe?
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Is STT Right for You?
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STTs Global Operations

StocksToTrade is a powerful penny stocks trading platform designed for day traders and swing traders around the world. It is available for use for US-based traders and traders worldwide. If you wish to access US equity markets like the NASDAQ composite index, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), or the S&P 500 index in real-time, StocksToTrade is the platform for you. There are zero geographic restrictions on where the trading platform can be used, but it is a trader’s responsibility to ensure that a broker is compatible with the STT trading platform.

What STT Isn’t?

StocksToTrade is not a brokerage, nor does it offer financial advice in any way, shape, or form. STT effectively serves as a real-time stocks scanner. Thanks to the proprietary algorithm Oracle, day traders are able to quickly find stocks worth trading. StocksToTrade features broker integration on the trading platform, but it is in no way, shape, or form a brokerage. Fortunately, STT showcases broker integration, which allows you to pair STT with your broker, so that you can effectively trade stocks – buy and sell – direct from the StocksToTrade platform.

StocksToTrade isn’t free to use, although it has affordable options for traders to try out. For example, there is a trial price of $7 to get started with STT. This trial period allows you to learn the ropes, and understand precisely why there is such high demand for the StocksToTrade platform. STT does not serve as an advisory service, nor is it an investment service. StocksToTrade is not a guaranteed way to make money either. It is a facilitator of real-time trading, with real-time pricing and rapid executions of trades. It is stable and supported by many of the world’s premier brokerages.

Getting Started with STT

To get started, you simply need to register an account and login. Once your information has been verified – communications between you and the STT trading platform are ironclad. After you have logged in, you will have two options presented to for the download platform. The first is STT for Mac operating systems (requires OS X Yosemite or higher), and the second is STT for Windows systems (requires Windows 7 or higher). Once you have downloaded the trading platform, you have the foundation upon which to make all of your trades. Paper trading is available too.

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Your profile also indicates your subscription details, add-ons, transaction history, login details, agreement forms, billing, and coupons. Naturally, you will need to ‘pair’ this trading platform with a broker. Fortunately, there are plenty of supportive brokers, and video tutorials are offered to show you precisely how this is done. The brokers include the likes of: RobinHood, TD Ameritrade, TradeStation, Tradier Brokerage, Interactive Brokers (IB), Capital One, and E*TRADE. Combined, these brokers make up the lion’s share of the retail trading industry among new traders and many veterans alike.

Naturally, there are minimum system requirements that must be met. In terms of deposits into your trading account, these are determined by the broker you have selected. Consult with a brokerage that meets your expectations, budget, and requirements. As a new trader, you have several subscription options available with STT. These include monthly subscriptions and annual subscriptions. A monthly unlimited access plan is available at a rate of $179.95 per month, and the annual plan, considered – Best Value – is priced at $1899.50, with instant savings of $250. However, it is possible to enjoy a 14-day complimentary trial for a price of just $7.

Fees and Minimum Balance Requirements at STT

STT subscription fees, as listed above, are specifically for use with the trading platform. The minimum and maximum balance requirements are determined by your individual broker. Traders have carte blanche to pick their preferred broker from the listing of supported brokers on site, including: Tradier Brokerage Inc, Interactive Brokers (IB), E*TRADE, Capital One, TradeStation, TD Ameritrade, RobinHood, and others. The minimum balance requirements will vary from one to the next.

Is STT Safe?

Absolutely! The security of StocksToTrade (STT) is a top priority to the company. Inc prioritizes the safety, security, and integrity of client information, trading activity, and privacy. All trader information and related personal data is securely stored with TLS protocols. This ensures that high-grade quality data services are offered at all times.  STT does not store your online broker account login information, or attendant security questions and answers.

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Further, portfolio data is received directly from the broker you have chosen to work with. STT stores this information on your device, thereby enhancing your product experience. This also helps with reducing latency. STT cannot perform any trading activity on your behalf, without your consent. The fusion of the STT platform and your broker services is facilitated by way of a broker aggregation system which transmits the orders back-and-forth. Full authentication protocols are employed to guarantee the security of data flows.


  • STT offers paper trading.
  • STT offers rapid executions of trades with up-to-the-minute pricing.
  • STT features a unique proprietary algorithm known as Oracle which is a stocks screening tool.
  • STT is a powerful stocks trading platform, ideal for day traders and swing traders
  • STT is an industry-recognised leader in stocks trading for a wide range of US-listed securities.
  • STT is available for use by traders all over the world, provided the financial instruments are listed on US exchanges.


  • STT is not an online brokerage. You will need to pair the platform with a broker.
  • STT is not responsible for the brokerage fees, commissions, or charges which you may be required to pay.

Is STT Right for You?

StocksToTrade is a powerful trading platform which offers near-zero latency, up-to-the-minute pricing of stocks, and a formidable selection of penny stocks to trade. It is ideal for use with many of the world’s leading trading platform such as TD Ameritrade, RobinHood, and E*TRADE. It is affordably priced, and features an incredible stock scanning tool known as Oracle which automatically screens potentially profitable stocks, from thousands of available options. This automates the process, and makes it much easier to pick winners.

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