Stuck in a Job Seeking Rut?

Stuck in a job seeking rut?

Just a few days ago the BBC reported that unemployment was projected to reach 2.6 million people by the middle of 2021. Statistics like these are sure to strike fear into the hearts of anyone currently looking for work. There are no denying that these are extraordinary times and unlike any that have come before. If the trials and tribulations of job hunting are getting to you then it is worth trying some of these tips;

Set yourself a time limit for each day

When you find yourself out of work the impulse is often to spend all day, every day, combing through job listings. Any time not spent actively searching can feel like a wasted opportunity or even laziness. The reality, however, is that you simply can’t do this. There is no benefit to spending all day glued to job sites just waiting for new opportunities to pop up. 

Set yourself a time limit or schedule for how long you will look on any given day. Your initial job searches should take longer because you have a lot to look through however in the coming days or weeks you will already have seen the majority of offerings. Create a list of sources to check between a certain time frame on a daily basis (or even every 2nd day). 

Reach out to an agency

Working with an agency is an ideal way to tap into opportunities that may not be available to the general public. Many companies do no post roles publicly but instead prefer to have recruiters find candidates for them. It is good to remember that agencies are paid when they place a candidate so it is in their best interest to find you a job that is a good fit. Having someone else in your corner is a huge boost that can make getting back to work much simpler. If you have specialised skills, say in data and IT, then look for an agency that works primarily in those industries, like this one here. They will understand the niche better and also may be able to give you pointers on skills that would help you stand out. 

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Consult a professional 

Similarly to working with an agency, sometimes a little extra help could make a big difference. If you feel you are consistently being passed over for jobs you know you are perfect for, have someone take a look at your CV. The cost of having it professionally rewritten will be worth it if they are able to make changes that get potential employees excited about you. 

It’s quite possible you met with a guidance teacher or career advisor in high school to discuss future job prospects. Careers advisors are not just for students- if you find yourself at a loss as to what you should be looking for jobs wise it might be time to get some impartial advice. Seek out a careers advisor or employment coach that specialises in adults to help discuss possible avenues to consider. A second opinion might be all you need to consider a new direction. 

Could education be the answer?

As we have said, these are extremely unusual times. The job market is vastly different from what it should be. If you truly feel like you are getting nowhere with it, this could be the time to consider improving your qualifications and skills. If you are able to take a step back from employment see it as an opportunity to improve your prospects with further study. If becoming a full-time student is not feasible, look for part-time courses or night school options that would allow you to continue looking for work while getting a qualification. 

We hope this has been a helpful list that may have injected some life back into your search. Good luck with your applications!

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