Successful Personnel Management – this is How it’s Done!

Successful Personnel Management - this is How it's Done!

It is no longer possible to imagine life without digitization. The practical aspects are convincing in every respect. On the one hand, space costs are reduced, and on the other, access to digital content allows enormous time savings while reducing the error rate. Successful personnel management therefore relies on SAAS.

What is SAAS actually and Why is it Important for HR Management?

SAAS means Software as a Service, which means that an employer or service provider hires a company to store the data in a secure cloud. The servers required for this are located at the service provider for SAAS. The main advantage of this storage option is the professional handling. Service providers who mainly deal with SAAS pay attention to sufficient maintenance and data backup. If you want to save money here and store the data locally in the company, you run the risk of data loss.

Organizing an Efficient SAAS in the Area of Personnel Management

Personnel management involves several areas of work. Firstly, it is important to ensure that personnel files are stored securely. Service members usually fill out a personnel questionnaire when they join the company and include important documents needed for proper classification in the salary schedule. In addition, there are important events in the course of a service member’s working life. These events may include relocation, marriages, leaves of absence, and the like. Each of these events is included in the payroll.

SAAS for Clear Leave Administration

Furthermore, SAAS proves practical for the filing of absences. If sick leave is neatly documented, questions from the insurance company can be clarified more quickly. The documentation of vacations in this system is also very helpful. Especially when employees acquire a new or possibly higher vacation entitlement.

This is because the administration of vacation credits is very important, especially when employees leave the company or in the case of longer absences that are detrimental to vacation entitlement. Each time someone leaves the company, it is determined whether or not vacation entitlement still needs to be accounted for. This costs time for the payroll department. If the data is stored cleanly in SAAS, this can be checked quickly.

Storage of the Monthly Payroll in SAAS

Payroll is a monthly work process. During the course of a month, relevant facts must be taken into account for the payment of wages. In addition to current basic pay, this includes fluctuating pay, such as bonuses or overtime. These remunerations are extremely important for the averaging of further payments or in case of leaving the company.

The monthly statement of remuneration components should therefore be filed in a separate folder for each month for the company. A payroll account is also to be kept for the monthly payroll, which every payroll accounting program creates after the end of payroll accounting. It is not time-consuming to save this automatically in the secure cloud.

Securely Store Important Notifications for Authorities in the Cloud

Human resource management means having a higher administrative burden. This is because there are reports and notifications to be submitted to the insurance company and the tax office. However, not only filing these reports is very important, but also proving them. Otherwise administrative penalties could be threatened. Thus, it makes sense to upload these reports from the payroll program to the cloud. After that, these forms should be sent to the appropriate offices and the protocol for successful execution should be filed as well. This is most clearly done in one folder per year and month.


Successful personnel management saves time and therefore costs if it is well organized. This leads to higher employee satisfaction. SAAS helps to save time in a highly sensitive matter. The data is thus safe from catastrophic damage and other influences.

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