Suparatana Bencharongkul is Spreading the Word on Greentech and Lifestyle Through Social Media

Suparatana Bencharongkul
Suparatana Bencharongkul. (Photo: Instagram)

Her warm and confident smile has been winning hearts and followers all over Thailand, while her intelligent efforts and innovations have helped farmers improve their yields, across the country. Suparatana Bencharongkul, daughter of Thai telecom tycoon Boonchai Bencharongkul has been taking over the agriculture scene in Thailand like a storm. Under her guidance, as General Manager of Rakbankerd, a subsidiary of her family-owned Benchachinda Group, Bencharongkul has introduced various technological innovations to farming to make it a more profitable profession for farmers in Thailand.

Along with her team of agriculture specialists and tech experts, Bencharongkul has launched a number of applications like Farmer Info Application, Sabuymarket, Allbio, Farmmanyam, Fulfield,and other Rakbankerd products, all of which are designed to help farmers increase their yields, access open data on yields and supply prices to ensure profitable returns on their produce.

Not only has Benchanrongkul, known to most as Nina, made agriculture a profitable profession among farmers, but she has also made it a “cool” concept among the millennials and the generation Z by posting pictures and sharing her agritech experiences with her followers over social media.

The agritech pioneer and icon of Thailand uses a beautiful medley of pictures and stories to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of agriculture in Thailand but also as an industry as a whole.

During a recent Forbes interview, Bencharonkul mentioned how, when she was younger, her father would tell her that the farmer had the most vital job in the world; the job of feeding the world. This thought left a lasting impact on her, who would then grow up to introduce agritech to the industry to help boost it further. With access to the telecommunications industry and her keen understanding of agriculture, Benchanrongkul created applications and products that would help farmers learn more about better and more efficient ways of farming.

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Thailand welcomes agritech with open arms

Introducing technology to a traditional occupation which has been there since centuries is a difficult task. Farmers have handed down the learnings of traditional farming for generations. Introducing something as advanced as agritech was definitely a difficult goal to achieve. However, through her persistence and tools that truly fetched results, Bencharongkul won the confidence of farmers across Thailand, who now use the applications and other Rakbankerd products to improve their yield and manage their resources like chemicals, water, fertilizers, and tools, better.

Through technologies such as data collection using robotics and drones and predictive analyses, Rakbankerd applications and products have also helped farmers reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate risks.

However, agritech is not the only tech that Bencharongkul is known for. Her attractive social media presence has served as an inspiration for the youth of Thailand, who views her as a lifestyle icon and influencer. Her Instagram handle @nina_neungb features thousands of posts through which Benchanrongkul reaches out to her followers and shares with them her life and work. She is among the earliest adopters of social media in Thailand. She has effectively used social media as a platform to spread awareness about agriculture, agritech, lifestyle, and wellness. Her image of a confident young businessperson inspires millions who through her have learned the importance of healthy and purposeful living. 

Benchanrongkul’s social media pages also feature agricultural yields in attractive packaging, which is a great way to attract the attention of the young generation to the topic of fresh and organic return and the health benefits of the same.

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This young and determined entrepreneur is not only creating ripples in the agricultural industry but also spreading awareness about it among the youth of the country.

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