Superalgos launches open-source crypto trading automation platform, lists native token on PancakeSwap – – Morning Tick

  • Superalgos launches free platform for designing, testing, and deploying crypto trading bots
  • Superalgos lists native token Superalgos (SA) Token in PancakeSwap.
  • Listing of Superalgos (SA) Token a community effort
  • Token listing to accelerate the growth of the project

Superalgos, an open-source network, has announced its free platform for designing, testing, and deploying crypto trading bots. The launch of the platform comes after four years in development with tens of thousands of downloads during the open beta phase as the community builds up liquidity pools for its native Superalgos token on PancakeSwap, trading under the ticker $SA.

As a community-owned trading intelligence project, it provides the platform required to produce sophisticated trading intelligence. Specifically, the platform comes with a visual strategy designer and debugger, integrated data-mining and charting system, multi-market, multi-exchange and multi-machine execution, AI model optimization, and TradingView integration.

With these tools, the platform enables scalable operations starting from a single Raspberry Pi deployment to industrial-grade trading farms.

Community initiative

Since Superalgos doesn’t sell tokens but distributes them to reward contributions, the project does provide liquidity to any market or listing. The holders of the token must engage in listing the token and providing liquidity.

Therefore, the listing of the token is a community effort, where holders will contribute towards the development of the project. For the token to list, the token holders must play their rightful and exclusive role of providing liquidity. Consequently, some community members took initial steps to create several liquidity pools for Superalgos (SA) Token in PancakeSwap.

Speaking about the new development, Julian Molina, Marketing Lead and Co-Founder of Superalgos said:

The project is like a naval academy with its own shipyard! The community builds the tools and puts top crews together to go out hunting. You can’t expect to be successful when you have to do the work of the captain, the deck officer, the seamen, and be the top-shot harpoon sniper at the same time! Instead, you collaborate to work the markets together, armed to the teeth!

It’s noteworthy that PancakeSwap is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) type of decentralized exchange. Typically, in AMM exchanges, buy and sell orders are filled with the funds in a liquidity pool (LP) as opposed to an order book and a matching engine that matches buy orders with sell orders

Why the token list?

As an open-source project, Superalgos is heavily dependent on people willing to devote their resources- effort and time- to develop further. In fact, with a larger collaboration from devoted people who use the available software to contribute code and improvements, the products are likely to be better. 

Therefore, to accelerate the growth of the project, Superalgos introduced incentives- the Superalgos (SA) Token. The token brings tangible economic value that acts as an incentive for more devotion towards the project.

Rich talent pool

Superalgos ranks first among the trading bots category in the software open-source community GitHub. It has a rich pool of talents that includes developers, AI engineers, data scientists, hardware techs, OS admins, etc. The synergy provided by these specialists provides a fertile ground for multi-level collaboration.

Furthermore, according to the project’s 2022 roadmap, crypto users will be able to copy the trades of top teams in the community using free social trading apps and leveraging free trading signals disseminated over a censorship-resistant permissionless peer-to-peer network.


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