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Supermoon 2019: Super Snow Moon triggers FLOOD ALERTS and EXTREME high tides

The Snow Moon’s gravitational pull can cause tides to be high when the Moon is full or new. The effect results in a Perigean spring tide. Experts have also linked supermoons to earthquakes.

So far, flooding is expected in the north-west and north east England and Wales.

However, there are 25 flood risks scattered across northern England, the Midlands and southwest England.

Flood warnings will stay in place for at least two days.

Meteorologists have revealed higher tides combined with high winds could lead to coastal flooding and produce more intense storms.

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Supermoons have also been blamed for causing natural disasters.

Geologists in Japan believe a supermoon caused a powerful earthquake in New Zealand in 2016.

While further experts have claimed several large earthquakes happened at similar times of “tidal stress”.

NASA has argued against the supermoon’s powers.

They said Earth should not be affected in any extreme way because there are already two tides a day.

The supermoon, which is the largest of the year, is set to be seven percent brighter than any other this year.

The phenomenon happens when the Moon’s closest approach to Earth, called its perigee, coincides with a full moon.

The next supermoon will fall on the night of March 21 but will not be as bright as tonight’s lunar extravaganza.


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