Surrogate adverts, a sinful loophole

The concept of sin was always a bit shadowy. So, it’s understandable that liquor companies have now sought clarification regarding surrogate ads – you know, those commercials that bear the name of the liquor companies but advertise their non-liquor products, god promise! So, you have mineral water being advertised bearing the name identifiable with beer, music festivals (since CDs have gone kaput) bearing the name of a whisky… you get the drift.

Liquor and cigarettes companies reek of sin for trying to cajole India‘s soft-minded into procuring their bad, dangerous but completely legal products. It’s like the serpent in Eden being allowed to distribute the forbidden fruit to Adams and Eves, but not to show and tell, ‘Psst, boss, chahiye?’ Such is the level of their sinfulness that these companies themselves have long stopped challenging this ad ban. Instead, they now want to get clarity from GoI to advertise their sinful-sounding but shuddh stuff. Meanwhile, we pose a poser: when watching international sports on TV – Heineken, for instance, is emblazoned all over the Champions League Football tournament – do we desis feel sinful and reach for a glug? Aren’t those the same consumables whose advertising is haraam here? Forget surrogate ads. Just advertise internationally. We’ll get coaxed by those ads sitting here.


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