System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition is ‘coming soon’

System Shock 2 is getting an Enhanced Edition from developer Nightdive Studios. The team announced its plans to update the 1999 immersive sim in a post on Twitter last night and during a livestream on Twitch. This follows up on Nightdive’s work to release the Enhanced Edition of the first System Shock in 2015.

Nightdive hasn’t provided a lot more info about System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition. You should expect cleaned-up visuals, support for modern displays, and other general improvements. Do not, however, expect a full visual overhaul from this version. Nightdive is also working on a remake of the original System Shock. It is building that in the Unreal Engine, and it looks like a contemporary release. But if the studio ends up doing something like that, it will likely come after the launch of the Enhanced Edition.

System Shock 2 is one of defining games of the PC platform in the 1990s. It provides you with a world and a set of skills, and then it empowers you with figuring out how to solve different problems. Its design is influential to this day in fellow immersive sims like Dishonored 2, Prey (2017), and more.

Of course, Nightdive is still working on its System Shock remake. The company launched a crowdfunding campaign in 2016 that raised $1.35 million.

In March, it showed off an update of how this from-the-ground-up rebuild is coming along.

What about System Shock 3?

Separate from all of this, developer OtherSide Entertainment is still working on System Shock 3. Founder Warren Spector, who was in charge of the original Looking Glass development team, says the game is still coming. The third entry in the series still does not have a release date, though.

In March, however, Spector did reveal that his team is building the game with the Unity game engine.


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