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Imagine if you wanted to start your own tech business about 10 or 15 years ago, you would need to have hundreds, if not millions of dollars in upfront capital. Today, thanks to cloud technology and arrays of SaaS tools that make it easier for anyone to start a new business overnight. Almost everything is now available as a service. We now live in a XaaS world where startup founders can now bootstrap and launch their new projects on a shoestring budget. There are no longer barriers to entry.

The ubiquity and affordability of these new tools make it possible for anyone to launch a new startup with little or no money. This in turns, makes the startup landscape very competitive. In the meantime, tech founders are known to focus more on the three-legged stool, technology, process and people. Yes, these elements are critical to the success of every startup. However, equally important are the messaging and branding. As a company, you want ensure you build an engaging first experience with your customer and that starts with your website or mobile apps. Your branding is your identity and that starts with your startup logo.

Paul Rand, an art director and graphic designer, best known for his corporate logo designs, including the logos for IBM, UPS, Enron, Morningstar, Inc., Westinghouse, ABC, and NeXT, once referred to design as the “silent ambassador” of a brand. While the saying holds a great deal of truism, branding carries immense value for one and all businesses; especially for startups.

Not only does it helps convey the right message to the target audience, but also keep you afloat in a crowded marketplace, enjoying a competitive edge. That being said, a logo, on the other hand, is the language of communication for your brand that renders confidence, trust and emotional attachment for a loyalist in the long run. This is precisely why large corporations are always keen to invest thousands of dollars to get their brand symbol right.

However, for a start-up that’s cash strapped, it’s a different story altogether. The advent of online designing tools allows startups without having to master design skills or invest heavy. Tailor Brands is one such offering powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help cater to your branding needs, without having to try too hard.

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With many logo design companies out there competing for startups’ attention, the challenge is in knowing finding the right logo company that best meets your project need without breaking the bank.

You can contact a custom logo designer for your business so that you can create the best logo design with your inputs for you and your organization.

Enter Tailor Brands, a logo design company that aroused curiosity with a slew of Facebook ads harnessing the power of AI across a simple interface to create original logos. What made the tool even more fascinating is how anyone without any designing knowledge could handle it with ease.

At the first instance, it did hit many on a skeptical front, but the effortless quotient that came along with the tool managed to do the job right. Beginning in 2014, Tailor Brands; founded by Nadav Shatz, Yali Saar, Tom Lahat, and Tel Aviv, they managed to garner more than a hundred million designs scored by no less than 3 million users. Although the tool isn’t far from quite a few blemishes, it certainly worked to help cash strapped start-ups looking for a professionally made logo.

An impressive gamut of services

Tailor Brands primarily serves to help create your brand logo. Besides, you are also welcome to order other services directly from their site that includes business cards, templates for social media, landing pages across Facebook and your website, presentations and much more. The interface is a straight-faced one.

You start by entering the name of your business and then click on ‘Design”. In the next screen that follows, you will be asked to “Enter Your Industry” and talk about your business in brief. This is basically for the AI powered algorithm to help understand which industry you belong and come up with design options. Soon after, you will be prompted with three choices for logo design, namely:

  • Name based
  • Initial based
  • Icon based
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Shortly, you will be directed to a series of screens that depicts several styles to help suit your requirement. You will be presented with two options across a total of 10 screens before the tool gets down to “Designing your Logo”.

Once done, you will be presented with several options to change the font, colors and style of your design. While you can choose to “Love it”, you might as well try some customization to bring it close to your way of imagination. You also get to see how your brand logo looks across a wide range of merchandise like T-shirts, name tags, stationery items and much more. The services are available in four prominent languages, namely English, German, Spanish and French. However, one can only use Roman letters while designing their logo.

Payment options
Tailor Brands offers full liberty to play around with their logo design and introduce changes as many times you desire. Once you have your mind settled upon a particular design style, you will need to commit to a purchase plan. The company gives three options, namely, Basic, Standard and Premium. The screenshot below shall give you a better idea about each plan type and the features that it has to offer:

You can either pay through MasterCard or via PayPal and once done; you will be presented with a Successful Subscription prompt, similar to the one shown below:

There is also an option to use a coupon, just in case you have one.

Not just an average logo design tool
If there’s one thing that makes Tailor Brands different from other tools, it’s nothing but their versatility. Tailor Brands doesn’t just end being a logo designing tool. Instead, when you are done designing and paying for your brand symbol, you are redirected to Tailor Brands Studio that pulls up functions of the tool right across the navigation bar.

In some cases, start-ups would like to wait for a while before they come up with their website. If that is your case, then Tailor Brands can help you design your website in a series of easy to understand and doable steps. All you need to do is to choose a suitable template from their collection and you should be good to go.

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Once you have subscribed to Tailor Brands purchase plans, you will have easy access to your dashboard that offers several prompts to help create your own brand persona. For instance when you click on “My Brand “ option , you will be able to see your brand logo followed by other “Brand Assets” that include significant offerings like Business Deck , Brand Book, Presentations , logos pertaining to different sizes and more.

Also, the dashboard has options to check out important tools for digital marketing presence, wherein you can choose to design beautiful banners, pre-designed to match the size requirement for each social media platform.

What’s good and what’s not
Similar to other apps in the range, a logo maker powered by AI has a slew of both good and bad elements that contribute to its being. Let’s take a look where Tailor Brands stands.

The Good The Bad
You can choose from thousand different fonts and styles to design your logo Customization option could use a few more options
With AI, even the most rookie of a design fellow can create an original design Too much dependence on AI makes  it mechanical  sometimes and can be a tad boring for the user as well
You can download your log designs across a wide range of formats Some people may complain about its being pricey
Free trial is available before you can buy Lack of option to trademark your logo to prevent others from using a similar design.

While you are out there looking to make the very best out of your brand, it only becomes pertinent how Tailor Brands answer all basic branding needs of a start-up without burning one’s pocket. As a company that’s just starting out, what more can you ask for? So, now it’s your turn to give Tailor Brands a spin and let us know what you think. Till then, Ciao!


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