Tanishq reinvents its wedding brand 'Rivaah' in a new avatar

Tanishq, a jewellery firm and arm of Tata-owned , has unveiled a new brand proposition for its wedding exclusive sub-brand

Rivaah‘ — Jewel for every tradition.

The new proposition from Rivaah by Tanishq communicates the meaning and significance of every ritual and jewellery the bride wears.

Moreover, the Tata group brand is banking on upcoming wedding season for demand revival.

Even as there is a general nervousness in the gems and jewellery industry about the Covid related restrictions in Maharashtra impacting the wedding season demand, Tanishq is betting big on the rest of the markets for the wedding jewellery.

“The wedding season is going pretty strong, and there are a lot of (wedding) dates… we have already seen a lot of purchasing comments in the last quarter… Sure, Maharashtra has kind of announced mini lockdown with retail stores being shut, so to that extent it has affected, but the rest of the country is kind of progressing. …we’ll have to wait and watch how it develops and evolves,” Titan Company CEO Jewellery Division Ajoy Chawla told reporters at a virtual press briefing.

But so far it’s localised to the specific cities and states where there are some kind of elaborate restrictions, but Tanishq is very hopeful and confident that the wedding season will bring a lot of customers, he added.

The share of wedding jewellery has been 21-22 per cent of the total sales of Tanishq, however, it varies from season to season, Chawla said.

“In quarter one, it is expected to be much larger because there are a lot of wedding dates. And also we know that from last year quarter one many weddings got deferred to quarter 3 quarter 4 and some of them all the way to quarter one this year. I said Rivaah is a sub-brand, it’s a platform targeting the wedding segment, and under it we launched many collections from time to time,” he stated.

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He said even if some of the weddings do get deferred due to the restriction imposed due to the pandemic, that demand is not lost as it’s going to come sooner or later.

On the occasion, Rivaah for Tanishq unveiled the new brand proposition of ‘Jewel for every tradition’ for the millennial brides-to-be.


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