TCS' employee strength likely to cross half-a-million mark in FY22

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. () is likely to have more than half-a-million employees this year, as India’s largest IT services company looks to hire more than 40,000 freshers from college campuses to meet the growing demand for its services.

“Last year, we took in 40,000 from the campus, this year is going to be a similar number, if not a little more. Our operating model is very sound, it is based on people coming in from campuses,” TCS’ Chief Human Resources Officer Milind Lakhad said on Tuesday.

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The company conducts a national qualifier test four times a year to hire engineers from across India. That would help if there’s a requirement of more people, he added.

TCS hired more than 40,000 people in FY21, ending the fiscal with 488,649 professionals. The company also maintained a lower attrition rate of 7.2% throughout the year.

Indian IT firms are hiring by the thousands to cater to demands of digital transformation from clients as a pandemic forced most to work from home. Most of the work is being moved offshore to countries such as India, where the talent is and where costs of delivery is still lower than other markets.

“Our approach to talent is very fundamental. We are very honest in who we are, who we recruit, and our commitment to the individual,” TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan said. “And in return, we actually enjoyed the same level of commitment and openness from the individual towards the organisation.”

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“We do not go around when a crisis comes at the beginning of the year, fire 20,000-25,000 people, and halfway through the year (when things stabilise) hire another 25,000 people. That’s not the way we go about it when we have a problem,” Gopinathan said.

“We are transparent when the problem goes away. We share that with people. So that’s the fundamental model, individual structures,” he said of the company’s philosophy of nurturing talent in the organisation.


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