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Foote Partners IT Skills and Certification Pay Index, 2000 to 2020 quarterly editions

May 21, 2020

Tech compensation firm Foote Partners finds non-certified skilled workers commanding increasingly higher pay

The value of technology certifications held by IT professionals sunk to a 20-year low compared to positions that positions with non-certified skills, according to a report by Foote Partners, a firm that specializes in tracking technology compensation trends.

According to Foote, the value of technology certifications — measured in terms of annual compensation and extra pay — has been declining since 2016. A contributing factor to the decline includes the retirement of some certifications related to less relevant or obsolete technologies. However, the bigger driver is a growing perception that certifications based on passing a test do not necessarily denote expertise or competency in a given skill or technology domain, Foote reports.

Foote notes that the popularity of certain certifications also contributes to their declining value. As more people attain certifications, such as security, the net-market value decreases as the supply of certified professionals increases.

Some non-certified skills declined over the last year, including SAP and enterprise business applications (-6.3%), messaging and communications (-1.2%) and systems and networking (1%).

All certified skills tracked by Foote saw year-over-year declines. Certified positions seeing declines include architecture and project management (-5.8%), information security (-6.3%), systems administration (-6.4%), networking and communications (-1%), web development (-5.4%), and database administration (-3.4%).


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