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We all have our own reasons for downloading certain mobile apps. Some help you get tasks done quicker, some transform your photos to look better, and some even keep you updated on the lives of people who matter. In general, apps keep us entertained, informed, and connected.

But the truth is there’s a downside to them too. Unfortunately, some apps aren’t as safe as you think. They’re prone to privacy and data breaches which put you in a less safe and difficult situation. To know more, we spoke with tech and Apple expert Steven Walker, CEO of Spylix, and Yousun Allen, CEO at Yosun UV Printer. Keep reading as they reveal the one type of app that’s putting your security at risk, and why you should avoid it at all costs.

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VPN Service Apps Or VPN Hosting Apps

According to Walker, “Many VPN applications steal your data and credentials—so, it would help if you avoided these kinds of apps.” He adds, “[A VPN service] is used to mask your internet activity and provide online privacy anonymously by creating a private internet network through a public connection.” It’s important to note that “in the newer devices of the iPhone, you get built-in VPN access within your smartphone.” Other mobile phones however, do not have this feature to begin with. As a result, some people end up downloading external apps that provide the same service instead.

Additionally, Allen says that VPN hosting apps are frequently used by businesses and people that want to hide their whereabouts. He clarifies, “Using private networks is a sensible security precaution. However, certain VPN programs–such as IPVanish, VPN, and SuperVPN–include serious flaws that might lead to MitM (Man-in-the-Middle) attacks. Furthermore, you must initially reveal your info to them in order to hide your identity.” Obviously, when it comes to sharing your info, you only want to grant access to people and devices you trust.

Based off an article published by Critical Access Management Security company SecureLink, “VPNs are insecure because they expose entire networks to threats like malware, DDoS attacks, and spoofing attacks. Once an attacker has breached the network through a compromised device, the entire network can be brought down.” Yikes!

Ultimately, keeping your personal information safe should be an utmost priority. So the next time you download an app for your phone, think twice if you’re putting yourself at risk or not. As they always say, better to be safe than sorry!


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