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New York, NY, July 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In today’s business landscape, data is the holy grail. SMEs, large corporations, micro-sized businesses, independent ventures – everyone has access to a huge amount of public data. However, the way they interpret and manage that data is what matters. In this context, Dogan Technologies, a US-based tech firm is assisting companies with advanced data-analytics services and products. 

About Dogan Technologies

Dogan Technologies is a tech firm that provides software services to help businesses manage, comprehend, and utilize public data to their advantage. The eventual goal is to provide businesses with the right tools so that they can garner valuable insights out of consumer data, and use that to improve, optimize, or scale their business. Dogan has an integrated service suite, which is predominantly powered by AI-based solutions. 

Explaining the importance of data accessibility in today’s business landscape, John Dogan, founder of Dogan technologies stressed on how the easy accessibility of data makes current technology comprehensible to an average user.  He added, ‘20 years ago, we did not have the resources to do what smartphones can do in seconds today. That is the difference. Data was available back then as well, but there were no tools to interpret that data. Moreover, the quality of detailed information has also improved. Good data is what creates good results, and that is why our company pays close attention to the detail.’

Reflecting on how he started the company, John said that he had started the company to help organizations make the switch into a data-driven environment. He further explained, ‘Dogan Technologies is built for the companies that need answers from their unstructured data. Our solutions make it easier for organizations that face difficulties with data management. We also have a data platform that lets you run Artificial Intelligence models in video, speech, text, and other types of data streams. We offer an integrated portfolio of technology, products, and services to start-ups and large enterprises. 

The services are aimed towards various business sectors including finance, travel, healthcare, education, media, entertainment, logistics, transportation, real estate, etc. Dogan helps businesses from these sectors with the following:  data mining, machine learning, data analytics, deep learning, cloud applications, natural language processing, computer vision, predictive analysis, etc. 

While the ultimate goal is to churn out the best possible data insights, Dogan also focuses strongly on security and data integrity. In today’s day and age, while data can be a handy tool to have, it also has negative consequences. Hence, it is important to maintain a secure ecosystem within which information can be played around to garner valuable insights. Dogan focuses exactly on this aspect, with its robust and highly secure technical architecture. To put it simply, security is at the core of the company’s service offerings. It assists and guides businesses with personalized data analytic solutions, while also providing them with the technical know-how to maintain a secure data-layer within their organization. 

Commenting on how Dogan Technologies has data security at its core, John said that a majority of the company’s infrastructure is encrypted, and assured that it takes all necessary measures to secure client data. He went on to add, ‘We offer a secure data product, and we consult with organizations that use our services. We make sure the infrastructure we build is secure and we keep your information private.’

Dogan Welcomes Potential Stakeholders

The company has recently launched its seed funding round on Fundable, with adequate information regarding investment opportunities. This comes across as a great opportunity for investors looking to foray into the world of data science. 

While the business world continues to evolve by the day, the importance of data has never been more prominent. In fact, proper data management is the pivot around which companies and corporations are relying upon to scale their business to the next level. In this scenario, Dogan’s AI-enabled data analytics services are extremely relevant. 

One of the most relatable examples is the evolution of the Internet through the 90s. Organizations and individuals who invested their time, money, and energy Internet back in those days, are fetching benefits to date. Today, data science is arguably the most important aspect of online communication and eventually running a successful global business. The fact that Dogan has come into this space with advanced solutions at the right time has created a huge opportunity for businesses as well as investors. 

In a recent interview, John Dogan shared his perspective on how effective data handling can make or break companies. He explained that organizations with a well-structured data handling plan will always outperform those who are ignorant of the massive chunk of information available. John also focussed on how small and medium ventures are starting to follow large organizations in terms of leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence.
Apart from data analytics-based solutions, the company has a lot more to offer as well. To get a detailed understanding of how and why Dogan Technologies is one of the most promising projects in this space, please refer to this whitepaper.

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