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MASON CITY, Iowa – Cyber crime remains a major threat to businesses, both large and small.

On Tuesday night, a seminar through NIACC’s PappaJohn Business Center offered businesses insight to avoid being targeted by cyber crooks.

Cyber criminals will exploit any weakness they can, in order to cheat you and your business out of money.  The problem goes well beyond high-tech hacking.

Many computer criminals will create a sense of urgency in order to get employees to give up important credentials.  Wrongdoers will even exploit current events, such as this pandemic, as part of their ploy to get information.

One of the best tips the group had for businesses, was to have workers well trained on how to spot something suspicious.

And yes, having strong passwords and passphrases is still a good defense.

“The recommendations that I hear as well are length over complexity. Length is going to be more important. Some go as far as saying with those passphrases, you want to break up your dictionary words to a degree,” said John Helland, information technology manager for Next Generation Technology.

Using two-factor authentication is another strong tool for keeping cyber criminals from accessing accounts.

The group also discussed working from home and they suggest businesses use a VPN for workers to connect to the business server.  The VPN will encrypt the data, making it more difficult for hackers.


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