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Mahdi Pourzaferani, a leading tech security expert is very concerned about the future of our digital space.

Considering the advent of Web 3.0 and the rapid tech developments taking place, the scope of cyber attacks has widened at an unprecedented level. While the accessibility to the internet is growing, the masses are not educated about protecting their presence on the internet. Malicious entities have an arsenal of resources at their disposal that can be used to damage individuals and corporations.

Pourzaferani, who has been working in IT security since 2008 has dealt with his fair share of security threats. He has worked in and led security and infiltration projects in global firms. He joined EA sports as a network programmer and rose to be a supervisor there. He was a security manager at OpticGaming and was a huge asset to his team at Rockstar Games.

He recently undertook the entrepreneurial route in his career and has branched out to start his own firm – Fivem store LLC. He works to protect the data and information of large servers and companies and also has developed methods to crack down on hackers and identify the sources of various cyber-attacks. Pourzaferani is also a leading blockchain developer and is sought out by people looking to learn more about the blockchain industry and plan on investing in it.

Pourzaferani believes that programmers all over the world need to join hands to protect the integrity of the internet and safeguard internet users. He says, “The internet has a sea of opportunities, and knowledge, it has facilitated a deeper connection between people all over the world. But threats loom at every corner and the dangers of the internet can affect innumerable lives. New cyber threats arise before old ones even begin to get tackled. The tech industry needs to put security as the topmost priority, how are people supposed to thrive in a space where they can be attacked at any time? There needs to be cooperation between programmers on an international and generational level to maximise our efficiency in building a line of defence. Ever since the beginning of my career, I’ve been vocal about my concerns and I have met several people who agree with my sentiments, so there is hope for a safer future and I hope there is a rise in awareness to combat the malicious threats on the internet.”.

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