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Have you heard that Apple computers do not need anti-virus software? It is true Apple uses strict rules to protect its app store from malicious software. However, their system isn’t infallible.
In September 2018, it allowed an Adware Doctor app into their store which stole users’ browser history. In 2019 Apple began requiring security checks they call ‘notarization’ to check applications for security risks.
In August, Tech Crunch reported that Apple had another slip-up. Mac security researchers discovered that the Mac notarizing process let malware through. The code used by Shlayer malware disguised itself as an Adobe Flash installer. That malware, according to Kaspersky security firm, was the most common threat Macs faced in 2019.
That’s why anti-virus protection necessary. According to PC Magazine, the top Mac anti-virus programs in 2020 are: Bitdefender –, Kaspersky –, Norton –, McAfee –, and Webroot –  See which of the best options will suit your needs and number of computers.
Do you think you might have a virus? Symptoms of malware like the one Apple accidentally let through are similar to other viruses. Your computer will be slower than usual. You’ll get redirected to shady or bizarre websites. You might even have unexpected pop-up ads.


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