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TECH5 is teaming up with Innovatiview to prevent people from cheating on exams in India. Innovatiview is an exam security specialist based in Dehli, and will be leveraging TECH5’s T5-Face solution to verify the identities of people taking exams with facial recognition.

TECH5 Provides Facial Recognition Tech for Indian Exam Security Company

With the new system, students will first be asked to digitally register their biometric information before the exam. That template will then be used to confirm their identity at a registration desk when they arrive at the examination venue. The solution will ensure that students cannot send someone else to take an exam in their place.

TECH5 will also be outfitting Innovatiview with its T5-ABIS deduplication platform as an extra precaution. The ABIS system will match each new face to a database of registered (and former) students to make sure that one person cannot create multiple identities.

Innovatiview plans to market the joint solution to universities and government agencies. The TECH5 technology can help confirm the identities of interview candidates during the recruitment process, and in more professional settings. In the future, Innovatiview plans to deploy the T5-IDencode solution to enable offline identity verification with mobile devices.

“With this partnership, we bring AI-based, high-speed and touchless biometric face recognition technology to India, enabling efficiency in real-world projects like examination security,” said Innovatiview Founder and Director Ashish Mittal.

“Our biometric solutions will elevate the security of the examination process without compromising convenience,” added TECH5 Co-Founder and CEO Rahul Parthe. “Reducing identity fraud will help to secure a bright future for thousands of youths of the nation.”

Innovatiview believes that it will be using T5-Face to screen more than 6 million people on an annual basis. TECH5, meanwhile, has already released an identity verification solution that is designed to give Indian citizens access to government services on mobile devices. That solution integrates passive liveness technology from ID R&D.

October 29, 2020 – by Eric Weiss


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