Technology, Security, and Global Affairs –

Increasingly, global influence depends on leadership in new and emerging technologies. As technology races ahead, governments follow, working to gather intelligence, defend their networks, and gain an advantage over geopolitical rivals. The new program on Technology, Security, and Global Affairs will explore the United States’ and other governments’ use of these technologies to collect intelligence, control or influence social media, prevent extremism, and achieve other security objectives. In particular, the program will consider how countries’ policies in these areas will affect U.S. alliances and interests.  

For example, how should the United States and democratic allies respond to the growing worldwide influence of Chinese tech giants? Will privacy debates between the United States and Europe undermine U.S. intelligence programs, which are critical for counterterrorism on both sides of the Atlantic? How can the United States support other countries as they seek to reconcile democracy and the rule of law with surveillance and other security tools?

The program will focus on policy-relevant research, convening leading experts from the University and around the country to generate actionable insights for policymakers in Washington and allied capitals. On campus, the program will provide new course opportunities and career pathways for students at the Law School, the LBJ School, and elsewhere throughout the 40 Acres. The program will also bring Austin’s burgeoning tech ecosystem into the national dialogue around new technologies and national security.


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