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BROWARD COUNTY, Fla., Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Schools, healthcare providers, hair salons—any organization or business that sees steady traffic throughout a normal business day—can benefit from the high-tech, no-touch, easy-to-use Temper-SureTM kiosk ( to scan the temperatures of employees and visitors, determine if they are wearing a mask, and even provide an extra layer of security in these unsettled times.

Temper-Sure operates right out of the box. It’s easy to set-up. Secure. And flexible. It can do as little as a thermal temperature scan and as much as checking for mask-wearing and facial identification of employees for security or time clock management.

Healthcare providers like Hospice of Washington Country (Hagerstown, MD), which serves hospice and palliative care patients in western Maryland and portions of southern Pennsylvania, are using Temper-Sure to screen staff and visitors for elevated temperatures upon entry to their offices and/or inpatient care centers. “We believe it’s going to be part of a new normal,” said CEO Ernesto Lopez. “Temper-Sure keeps us ahead of the curve in ensuring the safety of our staff, patients and visitors.”

While customizable features are regularly added, Temper-Sure currently can provide:

  • Rapid and contactless temperature screening,
  • Mask wearing enforcement,
  • Infection control screening questions,
  • Employee facial recognition,
  • Employee time clocking, and
  • Real-time alerts for any employee/visitor who does not pass the screening.

A hair salon owner in southwest Florida, Kathleen Cantu, chose Temper-Sure to make her clients—and staff—feel more comfortable when her shop re-opened after Florida lifted its COVID-19 lockdown. “Everybody was going through such a traumatic fear of getting sick this spring and summer that we wanted to do everything we could to assure them that they were safe here,” said Cantu of the Red Salon with locations in Fort Myers and Cape Coral. Temper-Sure has even brought Red Salon new business. “We had a lot of people—new clients—call to make an appointment because they saw the local television news coverage of our Temper-Sure kiosk.”

As the nationwide leader in hardware, software, and other technologies focused on contactless, rapid temperature screening capabilities, Temper-Sure has seen sales rise dramatically during the current pandemic.

For Bill Beattie, Superintendent of the Edison Local School District in Hammondsville, Ohio, “Temper-Sure gives us something reliable to use as our 1,500 students and 100+ faculty and staff enter our three buildings. I see this as a long-term investment—there are many other things that we can do in the future in terms of facial recognition. Right now I feel we’re just scratching the surface of what we can use Temper-Sure for.”

About Temper-Sure, LLC:
Temper-Sure ( is a products and innovations provider focused on creative ways to control the spread of infectious disease. The South Florida-based company has grown immensely in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic through the manufacturing and distribution of its flagship product, a multi-function security camera capable of rapid and contactless temperature screening, mask-wearing enforcement, Infection-control screening questions, facial recognition, employee time-clocking, and real-time alerts for any employee/visitor who does not pass the screening. For more information, call 954.686.6280.

SOURCE Temper-Sure, LLC

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