Ten Tips to Improve Your Business Website

Your website is the shop window for your business and so, getting it right is imperative to its to your business’s success.

You have to create an engaging, opposed and UX friendly website, to reduce bounce rate and ensure you retain your website visitors. 

The truth is, you have to give your users what they want or they will soon move toone of your competitors – so how can you improve your business space?

Web design London have provided some simple points you can follow to ensure your website’s success:

1. Make sure it’s responsive

Most people are now browsing on their smart devices and Google actually considers this to be an important aspect of giving users what they want. Therefore, if your current website is not responsive or smart-device friendly then now is the time to do that.

2. Keep Navigation Simple

Your users are not going to want to spend too long finding their way around. They have come to you to purchase a product or a service and so, if they cannot find what they are looking for they will go elsewhere. Therefore, make the navigation user-friendly and simple to use.

3. Enhance Page Speed

You have a matter of just a few seconds to give your users what they want. Any longer and you are going to see an increase in bounce rates and a drop in conversions. Your website has to give your users what they want quickly.

4. Use a call to action

If you want to improve your website then you need to have a clear call to action. You should design your website in a way that guides your users to the place where they can make a purchase or get in touch with you. Whatever the call of action might be, make sure they can see and access it with ease.

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5. Implement social media buttons

Social media is a crucial tool for businesses and giving your users access to make use of social media buttons will ensure that they can share or like your content. This will help your business and your website to reach a wider audience.

6. Use white space

White space is the space that is in between text or images. It doesn’t have to be white but that is the name that has been given to it and it can work wonders for your website. The truth is, users don’t want to have to work their way through a clutter of images, videos and text to get what they want. If you space it all out with white space, they will find what they came for.

7. Images work

It is not always about text and a high-quality, intriguing image can force your users to look at your website in-depth. So, add in some visuals in the form of images and see your user numbers increase.

8. Pick the Right Colours

Garish colours are going to send your users packing and that is because your website has to be easy on eye. Therefore, attempt to pick one main colour and then compliment that with other colours but always remember that it has to be easy to look at.

9. Custom illustrations

While stock photos can work, custom illustrations can work just as well and if not better. An original image will always work well for your users.

10. Keep your content fresh

Content is vital and giving your users something fresh to read will really make a difference to your website. If your content is repetitive and it never changes then your users are going to want to try and find something more appealing elsewhere.

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If you want to get your business website ready quickly with an attractive look, you can seek help from online website design company. These company will make ready your website within a short time. But you have to find right one.

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