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LAVAL, QC, March 2, 2021 /CNW Telbec/ – Terranova Security, global partner of choice in security awareness training, has announced the release of its Global Dashboard functionality within the Terranova Security Awareness Platform. The release empowers organizations, as well as cyber security and risk management leaders, to leverage customizable, real-time analytics visualizations for improved data-driven decision-making.

Featuring a flexible, widget-based interface, the Terranova Security Global Dashboard can easily be personalized to display an organization’s key security awareness training information. Using customizable filters, administrators can refine reporting data to focus on a specific department, geographical region, or any other pertinent user grouping.

The Terranova Security Global Dashboard feature also centralizes the reporting process. It enables organizations to capture insights that gauge user behavior change – such as how many users in a particular department or region successfully completed training on a key topic – all in one, easy-to-use space within the Security Awareness Platform. Using that intel, leaders can optimize their security awareness training program performance.

“Global Dashboards provide organizations and their security leaders with an opportunity to go beyond one-size-fits-all reporting and obtain the information they need to succeed,” says Lise Lapointe, author and Terranova Security CEO. “With granular data tailored to their unique needs and cyber security goals, they can ensure they’re undertaking the right measures to educate end users and safeguard all types of data from cyber threats.”

Terranova Security Global Dashboard Functionality: Key Highlights

Ensuring that the right user behaviors are being targeted and their data is consistently protected is more crucial to organizations than ever before. The Terranova Security Global Dashboard capabilities make it easy to extract essential data-driven insights and empower organizations with informed, proactive security awareness decision-making.

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Key benefits of the Global Dashboard feature include:

  • Centralized analytics to enable organizations to gauge user behavior change success quickly and efficiently with the ability to view specific training information in one location with the Security Awareness Platform.
  • Customizable dashboard data that combines a modular, widget-based environment with built-in filters to instantly tailor every aspect of the analytics experience to an organization’s needs and goals.
  • In-depth reporting possibilities that go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to training metrics by empowering administrators and leaders to pinpoint specific improvement areas and adjust security awareness campaigns accordingly.

“Global Dashboards support a universal need for clear, actionable data that helps any organization, regardless of industry, target the right user behaviors,” says Theo Zafirakos, CISO at Terranova Security. “Acquiring the right security awareness insights via your analytics is a crucial part of training strong, effective cyber heroes.”

In an era of accelerated digital transformation, clear, granular analytics and reporting are integral to the success of a security awareness training program. Recent data demonstrates that data-driven organizations are three times as likely to report significant decision-making improvements.

The Terranova Security Global Dashboard is a new module within the Security Awareness Platform. Dashboard widgets that provide granular visualization of training course data are currently available for all Security Awareness Platform administrators. Additional widgets will be added on an ongoing basis.  

For more information on the Terranova Security Global Dashboard release, visit the Terranova Security website. You can also download the new whitepaper exploring the value customizable cyber security reporting adds to an organization’s technological infrastructure, titled “The Power of Personalized Reporting in Security Awareness Training.”

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