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27 Mar, 2020

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Axis Focused 25 Fund is an open ended equity scheme investing in maximum 25 stocks investing in large cap, mid cap and small cap companies with an objective to generate long term capital appreciation by investing in a concentrated portfolio of equity & equity related instruments.

The fund follows following approach:

  • The fund follows a pure bottom-up, best-ideas approach with high active allocation relative to the benchmark while maintaining prudent diversification.
  • Active high conviction investing strategy
  • Risk management embedded in the investment process
  • Concentrated focus on sustainable businesses

Fund Focus:

Portfolio focus:

  • Compact portfolio with max 25 companies
  • Diversified across market cap

Risk management focus:

  • Aims for lower standard deviation and beta with tight tracking error as compared to the benchmark

What do we look for?

  • Target for companies that deliver ROE/ROCE’s over the medium to long term on a sustained basis

What do we avoid?

Current Portfolio Allocation is based on the prevailing market conditions and is subject to changes depending on the fund manager’s view of the equity markets

Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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