The 12 NFL players that should be with their franchise for life – 247Sports

It’s never easy when the face of a franchise changes teams, you just hate to see the greats move on. With his venture to Tampa Bay, Tom Brady becomes the latest in a line of legendary quarterbacks to finish out their career in a different uniform than which they started. Even without ties to New England seeing that No. 12 on a pewter jersey is difficult, but admittedly not as hard as witnessing Brett Favre play at Lambeau Field wearing Vikings’ purple — that caused a conniption.

Former NFL executive Gil Brandt identified 12 players in the league who he believes should never be allowed to leave their current teams. Setting parameters, Brandt limited the field to players who will be under the age of 30 by the start of the 2020 season and selected one player at 12 key positions to avoid an overload of quarterbacks.

The NFL.com analyst also opened the field to include players who have previously been traded, acknowledging the cost and commitment required by clubs to retain any player under 30 for the remainder of their career regardless of how they were originally acquired.

Check out the 12 elite players whose teams should never let them leave.


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