The 7 locations where you’ll get £150 council tax rebate this month

THOUSANDS of households across the country will get £150 to help with rising bills this month.

The council tax rebate will come as a welcome relief as the nation continues to grapple with the crushing cost of living crisis.

Thousands of households across the country will get £150 to help with rising bills


Thousands of households across the country will get £150 to help with rising billsCredit: Getty

Many eligible families will have already cashed-in on the government help, but many more that are still waiting to get their payments in July.

The majority of payments being sent out this month are going to people who do not pay their council tax by direct debit.

Former Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the free support  in February to help people cope with soaring inflation.

If your property falls within the council tax band of A to D, you are entitled to a one off cash payment from the government which is being dished out by your local authority.

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Thousands NOT eligible for council tax rebate to get £150 - how to apply

The £150 does not need to be repaid, but the date which you can expect it to arrive will vary depending on your area and how you pay your council tax bill.

Plenty of councils have already paid theirs.

You can find your local council using the government’s search tool, to check when you might expect to receive your own payment if you haven’t already.

In the meantime, we list the councils rolling out payments all through July.

The areas giving out cash in July

South Kesteven District Council is giving out payments to around 15,000 people who do not pay by direct debit.

They will be getting a letter in the post which will include a £150 voucher code which can be redeemed at any Post Office branch.

People will need to take their letter and show a valid form of ID, such as a passport or a driving license, to claim their money.

Hull City Council says it will process all applications made before July 1 in the next two weeks.

Brighton and Hove City Council has already paid 98% of eligible households who pay their council tax by direct debit.

People who don’t pay by direct debit will be sent a code by email, text or post to apply for their payment online.

They will be directed to an online form that will ask for their bank details to the council can send the cash to their bank account.

But don’t worry, if can’t provide your bank details, the money will be credited to your council tax account or you can get a cash payment from the Post Office.

This is the same for people living under Liverpool City Council, South Somerset district council and Somerset West and Taunton.

Vale of White Horse district council will says it aims to make all rebate payments to people who did not submit their bank details by the end of July.

Plenty more will be rolling out their own payments too – you just have to check with your own authority for the latest.

What if I’m not eligible for the £150 payment?

Eligibility for the council tax rebate applies for all residents across the UK, but it doesn’t mean EVERYONE will get it.

If you’re not in bands A to D you won’t qualify.

But on top of the main council tax energy rebate scheme councils have been given £144million discretionary fund.

Those who are not eligible for the £150 will be able to apply, like those living in council tax bands E-H.

But not only that, plenty who do fall into the right category can get a “top-up” too.

That means they get money on top of the £150, in some cases giving households support of up to £170 or £200 in total.

In any case, you can check your local council’s website and social media pages for the latest updates on when you will get the cash, if it’s more or not.

If you think you’re missing out on the cash you could challenge your council tax band if you think it’s wrong.

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Just beware a revaluation of your band could put you in a lower band where you pay MORE council tax, so consider the risks.

You can also apply for a council tax reduction if you’re on a low income or claim other benefits – in some cases you may even be able to get up to 100% off.


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