On-chain interactive advertising SDK is backed by Intelligent technology, creates more chances for on-chain ads and heightened on-chain interaction for consumers. Features for this product includes

  • Plug and play on-chain interactive advertising
  • Data obtained on-chain gets encrypted, transactions can be traced but privacy is key
  • One-stop enterprise-level solution

The Atlas Protocol token functions on the Nebulas platform. The price of ATP rests at $0.011689 for now, and a decline rate of 2.82% was noted. The trading volume recorded is $0.402 million, while the supply has 2,576,065,703 ATP tokens in play. The total market cap of the Atlas Protocol is $30.111 million, and ATP is ranked at #1160 on coinmarketcap.

On-chain campaign management platform: Formulate varied on-chain interactive campaigns, kicking-off ad campaigns and checking up on performances. Features for the aforementioned platform includes:

  1. Targeted Marketing- on-chain ranking is used in order to go after specific audiences, ad performances are tracked
  2. Open and Transparent- transparency when it involves on-chain advertising transactions, settling problems related to nefarious matters such as advertisement frauds and so on
  3. Safe and Reliable- GDPR compliant, privacy remains intact, interactions get added to the public blockchain.

    The final key product would be the On-chain Data analytics platform. lets you look through statistics  and analysis, gets you to understand how your audience operates so that the Return on Investment flourishes. Here are the features of this analytics platform:

  • Data Analytics- conducts analysis of various interactions, provides targets [as audience] via the use of the on-chain data
  • Audience Targeting- traffic from bots and other malicious softwares get exposed, transparency is better
  • Quality Measurement- ad campaigns are evaluated, depending on on-chain interaction data
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You can sign up for a free trial. Just head to their official website for more details: http://atlasp.io

Solutions include Atlas SmartVoting, Atlas Smartdrop, Affiliated Marketing and Brand Advertising. The project came into being a year ago; Baidu Ventures, Fenbushi and DHVC are the three major organizations who have invested millions to make this venture a “great success”.



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