The Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees

The Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees

Whether you need to cover an absence, maternity leave or holiday within your team or are starting a big project and need an extra pair of hands, temporary staff offer the perfect solution. Quick and easy to access through recruitment agencies, they can provide a fresh perspective, as well as being a cost-effective solution to filling gaps in your team. Attic Recruitment, just one agency to supply temporary staff to a wide range of clients, have supplied this list of some of the benefits of hiring temporary employees. 

Instant Impact

The majority of temporary workers have plenty of experience joining organisations for a short period of time. So, the impact they can have in this short amount of time can be instant and dramatic. Often being able to get started as soon as they enter the building, they can settle in quickly and are fast learners. 

Offering a Fresh Perspective

Coming from outside your company, without prior knowledge of your organisation, temporary staff can offer a fresh perspective to your company’s operations. Whether this is an admin process or simple task or duty they take on. They may be able to find new ways to tackle these time-consuming tasks, making them easier to manage, even after their contract ends. 

Highly Skilled, Focused Experience

When choosing the perfect temp, agencies will often quickly shortlist their talent based on the specific skills and experience you require. Many temps can offer very specific skills, helping to focus on niche projects, other team members do not have the experience for. 

Cost Effective

As a temporary employee does not require a fixed annual salary, you will be saving on the costs of hiring a permanent staff member by opting for a temp employee instead. You may have been contemplating creating a job role for a new project, this may not be necessary if this project is only planned for a few weeks or months. Instead save your money and hire a temporary employee. 


With so many temps waiting for their next role, you have the flexibility to choose who, when and for how long you require a temporary member of staff. Temps will work to your demands, providing flexibility. 

Shorter Hiring Process 

To hire a temp, you will be saving yourself a lot of time, in comparison to hiring and onboarding a permanent member of staff. Recruitment agencies with a great talent pool of candidates can provide a short list of temporary candidates once you provide your criteria. Many temps will also be available to start ASAP! 

Find Future Leaders

Many managers actually started out as temporary, short-term staff! By hiring a temporary employee, not only are you allowing this individual a chance to add to their CV but could also be opening doors for their career progression. Often when companies find a temp that matches the role requirements and personality of the company, they will offer a permanent position. This can be a great way to trial an employee before offering them a permanent contract. 

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