The Benefits of HR Management Software For Remote Working

The Benefits of HR Management Software For Remote Working

Managing remote staff can be a struggle at the best of times, let alone during a pandemic. An unprecedented amount of employees are now working from home and businesses are having to adapt quickly to this. 

Utilising the right technology, such as HR management software, such as those from Cezanne HR, can greatly relieve the pressures on management and HR teams while keeping everything to the standard of care staff have become accustomed to.

We explore the benefits of HR management software and how it can help businesses strive throughout Covid-19.

Improving Communication

Communication can be the biggest and most important hurdle to overcome while staff are working remotely. Especially in large companies, it can feel impossible to communicate to every staff member, while ensuring that information has actually been taken in. 

Using HR management software means emails will no longer be lost in inboxes and the never-ending connection problems that come with video calling is eradicated.

HR management software provides the means to send messages to any number of staff and track who has opened these. This allows managers to reduce wasted time ensuring everyone has read this information and simply chase those who flag up on the systems as unopened.

IT also gives a platform to create discussions around this data, but instead of overloading notifications from the full workforce, these can be collated within teams, so conversations can stay relevant to the recipient.

Looking After Wellbeing 

It is no secret that mental health is dwindling during lockdown and it’s imperative managers and HR teams check-in on employees and extends the offer of support if needed.

However, this can be a difficult thing to gauge, especially when we are not face-to-face anymore. It can be incredibly tricky to pick-up on other peoples’ emotional state over virtual communication.

Similarly, managers will spend time asking how each staff member is each morning but some may feel embarrassed to admit they are having a hard time in front of colleagues.  

The creation of surveys within HR management software means staff can provide a candid review of their mental state, without the worry of judgement. These can also be completed anonymously.

This platform can not only gather this information but can be a great tool for displaying where those in need can get support and other useful resources. 


Business growth should not be placed on hold during this time, in fact, hiring more staff can benefit as more work can be produced at a higher quality.

Hiring remotely can be arduous and for those who have not done it before, it can also be a daunting process. Implementing HR management systems can make all the difference.

From advertising to new-starter training, everything is stored in one place and can be accessed to any colleague who needs it.  New-starter forms can be completed online and safely stored.

Training can be tracked and monitored for these new team members, meaning any struggles can be flagged to managers early on and assistance can be given as soon as possible.

Heightens Security 

Office buildings and computers may have had highly secure networks, but this isn’t always the case for staffs’ homes.

It is almost impossible to assess everyone’s home connections and could be incredibly costly having any issues rectified.

As HR management systems use the cloud, all information on here is stored securely and is at very little risk from hackers.

It also means that should a computer be lost, stolen or damaged, crucial information will not be lost as it is stored on remote servers.

Absence Management

Sick leave, bereavement days, looking after children or general annual leave, staff are needing to take more time off than ever during Covid-19.

This can be hard to keep track of, especially when managers don’t have a visual representation of empty desks and smaller teams within the office.

HR management systems can show clashes in holiday requests between staff, meaning managers can easily use their better judgement before approving any days off.

Some days off, such as bereavement and sick days, can not be avoided and pressure can quickly snowball within understaffed teams and cause even more mental strain on these colleagues.

HR management software can provide a quick overview as to who is actually working and who has time off. HR teams can then assess understaffed departments and flag this with managers.

Managers can then provide extra support with workloads of move staff throughout various teams to make sure targets are still met and staff aren’t overwhelmed. 

It looks like working from home is the ‘new normal’ and will be with us for the foreseeable future. It’s important to address any issues with management and HR as soon as possible as any difficulties will soon trickle through the rest of the business and cause any ill effect. 

Choosing the right HR management software can ensure a smoother running of the business and help keep the staff happy. In turn, this will lead to happy clients.

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