The best free online courses to boost your CV and bag a promotion

All of these courses are freely accessible. However, some institutions may ask for payment if you want to upgrade to being awarded a verified certificate at the end. 

1. Using Python for research (computer science)  

After giving a review on the basics of Python 3 programming, the couse will go more in-depth on how you can apply your Python skills to research projects. It also includes a new module on statistical learning.

Institution: HarvardX (through edX) 

Level: Intermediate

Cost of certificate: $99 (£75.49)

2. This is how you make iPhone Apps – iOS Development Course 

This Udemy course takes you through every step in the iOS app development from creating the app to submitting it to the app store. You don’t need to be an experienced coder to do this course. 

Institution: The App Dojo (through Udemy)

Level: Beginner

Cost of certificate: Free, included on completion

3. Introduction to graphic design

Learn the basics to created amazing and real design. No prior design knowledge is needed. 

Institution: Instructor Sean Berg (through Udemy)

Level: Beginner

Cost of certificate: Free, included on completion

4. Social media growth strategies

This is an email course which provides the latest tips and strategies for social media marketing. Lessons are conducted via tutorials, video, exercises and more. 

Institution: Buffer 

Level: Beginner

Cost of certificate: Free

5. Communicating strategically 

If you struggle to communicate ideas and insights to others then this course through Purdue University could be for you. You’ll learn the value of communication and acquire confidence in your abilities. 

Institution: Purdue University Level: Refresher course 

Cost for certificate: $49 (£37.77)

6. Introduction to journalism 

You’ll learn about what makes a good news story, writing opinion pieces and features,as well as political and investigative journalism. Journalists from around their world tutor for this course and share from their own experiences. 

Institution: University of Strathclyde  

Level: Beginner

Cost of certificate: £37

7. The Manager’s Toolkit: A practical guide to managing people at work 

It’s a practical guide to managing people at the workplace. The course would suit first time managers as well as the more experienced. You’ll learn HR theories and learn how to use them in an office environment. 

Institution: University of London (through Coursera)

Level: Suitable for first time and middle management

Cost for certificate: £37

8. Mandarin Chinese for business  

You’ll learn common phrases and scenarios of business negotiation in Chinese speaking countries. The course will also teach you about Chinese business culture and etiquette.

Institution: MandarinX (through edX)

Cost for certificate: $99 (£75.49)

9. Understanding the General Data Protection Regulation

Are you unfamiliar with GDPR and all the rules associated with it? This course will help you grapple with the basics of GDPR, the rights of consumers and what can be done with their data and will run through what liabilities and sanctions the company would be liable for if it broke the rules. 

Institution: University of Groningen (through Future Learn)

Level: Professionals

Cost for certificate: £72

10. How to vlog

This is a beginner’s guide on vlogging and teaches you how to create online content. You’ll be taught how to shoot, edit and create engaging videos. In the end you’ll be asked to do your own vlog and upload it onto YouTube. 

Institution: Skillshare 

Level: Beginner

Cost of certificate: None, no certificate. But you can upgrade from £7 a month to the premium version with Skillshare, which will give you unlimited access to all classes and other perks


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