The Best Handheld Wearable EKG/ECG Monitor or Tracker

The Best Handheld Wearable EKG/ECG Monitor or Tracker.

The Wellue DuoEK is a small fingertip unit that comes with a wearable chest strap which allows it to be used for hands-free readings when exercising and for long recordings up to 15 minutes. It is particularly suited for people with increased health risk caused by family predisposition, history of heart attacks or strokes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and excess weight.

Key Features

Wearable Chest Strap: Adjustable & comfortable fit soft strap frees your hand during measurement when working, resting, or walking.

Data Synchronization: Provide rich information to track your heart health condition. Built-in memory allows you to check without a phone, capture data, and sync it to your phone later.

Free APP PDF report: Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility allows DuoEK to work with most iOS & Android smartphones & tablets.Unlimited storage on APP, easy access and viewing history, and sharing via PDF reports.

Diversified Measurement: 30s to 15mins offers quick check and detailed detection. The innovative design gives the capability for hand, leg, and chest measurement.

You Will Get: 12-month Worry-Free Warranty, Lifetime technical support, fast response within 12h.

Can show results in real-time

The battery lasts for 500 tests

Product Overview

Wellue’s ground-breaking sensor technology delivers clinically accurate heart activity monitoring anytime and anywhere.

In addition to continuously recording ECG data, wellue DuoEK also monitors heart rate and heart rate variability, skin temperature, respiratory rate, and activity tracking – giving doctors greater insight into their patients’ overall heart health and behavior.

Wellue DuoEK can record heartbeats from 30S to 15 minutes and it is compatible with both hand touching and wearing technology.

Easy to Use: It supports both hand-held measurement and wearing measurement: hand-touching technology and chest strap

Two-In-One Protective Cover and Charging Base Design: It comes with a Two-in-one innovative charging base design which saves you the time to shop around for a protective cover

Data Synced to Mobile APP: To review your real-time heart data with easy connection to APP via Bluetooth 4.0BLE, just download Vihealth APP from Google Play or Apple store. It has unlimited storage which enables you to check your heart health graphs overtime with the APP without being charged the monthly report fee.

Review and Share the Report: In the APP, you can view the heart data report, also make a note and export the report in PDF and share it with your doctor to get valuable advice promptly.

Detailed Report with Adjustable Ruler Function: High solution filter algorithm technology to display high-resolution waveform and you also review your instant waveform with adjustable ruler function by enlarging in three options (0.5mv, 1mv, 2mv).

Easy Test with Fingers: Just put your fingers on the electrodes, take Lead I EKG. You can also get Lead II EKG easily. You can observe real-time EKG on App Dashboard. It can record EKG stand-alone even when not connected to App.

Note that, the signal is generally stronger from Chest lead or Lead II than Lead I 

Track Your Heart Health On-the-Go: It is compact, which enables you to put it into your pocket and you can track your heart health no matter where you are.

Wellue DuoEK is suitable for identifying any of these symptoms on time.

  • Arrhythmia 
  • Heart Pause ​
  • Atrial Fibrillation (AF)
  • Tachycardia & Bradycardia ​
  • Premature Ventricular Contraction (PVC) 

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