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The Best Marketing Tips for New Businesses

The Best Marketing Tips for New Businesses

Educate Your Target Audience with Content

Content writing was long ago declared the sole king of marketing, and this 2021 isn’t any different. Nothing has changed as the content is still the one that makes all the difference in how Google algorithms look at your site, and on the other side, it has almost all the merits for an on-site greater user experience alongside the UI.

Furthermore, if you’d get an SEO content specialist and you’d optimize all the content accordingly, oh my… you’d get to the clouds of success pretty fast, pal. Well, at least faster than anticipated in any case.

Content marketing is so popular that more than 80% of the B2B marketers have made content marketing the center of their overall digital strategy. By now, we all know that one thing is essential for inbound marketing: to have your target audience’s trust and how that trust is gained – by content education. So, again we come back to using content for education and nurturing leads.

When creating your content strategy, the most important thing is to put the accent on 100% original SEO content that would be relevant to your company’s targeted audience.

For example, if you have an online gambling business with thousands of online casino games just like Betsafe Casino gambling site, it would be vital to explain to the online gambling community what are the rules of each one of those games, which would automatically translate as a target audience relevant and educational content.

You couldn’t have a groceries eCommerce store and write in your Blog post section about the most popular clothing lines in the world. It simply doesn’t work together because sometimes it’s better to have nothing than to have non-relatable content on your site.

By consistently creating quality content, not only you’ll be providing your extraordinary target audience educational value, but also you are helping Google’s search engine to acknowledge that your content is relevant, valuable, and gives a pint of an educational message to the conversation. Therefore, one of the benefits you’re going to get is a drastic rise in the Google rankings.

Optimize Your Emails

The best way one could get more converted leads throughout one’s email campaign is to optimize it and, of course, to warm up those cold emails so they wouldn’t be ending in people’s spam and junk folders instead.

Considering that most customers, which would roughly translate into 86% out of 100%, prefer email communication for business purposes, it’s pretty clear that e-mail marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Now, no matter how successful and effective email marketing has shown to be, there are some pretty tricky things related to it, and email marketing strategies are known to be challenging with some small things that usually wouldn’t be challenging in other types of digital marketing. Regarding this, we’ve got an excellent example.

Namely, no matter how good the content of the email is, it certainly doesn’t guarantee that all the recipients will open the email you’ve sent. Now, don’t get scared and start worrying in vain because we’ve got you a list of things you can do to maximize the open rates and conversions.

  • You have to make sure that you are sending the emails from a business address because that’s how the receiver will know it’s not a personal email.
  • You better have some extra fine copy line in the “Subject line” placeholder because that’s what will make the recipient of your mail actually open the email and ultimately lead to a great conversion rate.
  • Just like everything on the internet, the email content too should be mobile-friendly, i.e., the structure of the text is visually appealing and, of course, does its purpose to ease out the reading.
  • A call-to-action of a CTA should be included in the email, and overall, it shouldn’t be something really complex with which the recipient will struggle to do it.

Another thing that would do the trick to help your business in achieving better conversion rates than usual is sending some follow-up emails or even doing the same thing on social media. Because something no matter how hard you work on warming up your email, well, some of them just finish in the spam and junk folders.

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