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1Password is among the gold standard in password managers with its extensive list of features and benefits. The application doesn’t come for free however, and the premium password manager is priced accordingly in its annual fee.

For those willing to pay for a password manager right off-the-bat, 1Password is the best place to start. It is constantly pushing the envelope in terms of features and working to make entering and saving passwords as easy as possible. The two main considerations for the fantastic app is whether the functionality is critical for your needs, rather than superfluous, and if your budget can support the ongoing annual fee.

If subscription pricing doesn’t bother you, 1Password is the one to pick. You will get your money’s worth and have a supported product every step of the way. For example, 1Password is regularly on top of operating system updates to make sure its app is supported day-one for the latest OS releases.

After a trial period, 1Password charges $3 a month for individual use or $5 a month for family use which covers five people. The company also has separate pricing for businesses and small teams who want to provide that benefit to employees.

What do you get for your subscription fee? Unlimited device support, reports of compromised and insecure passwords, travel mode when crossing borders, 1GB of encrypted storage, and one year of deleted password retrieval, beyond all the expected basics like strong encryption.

The family plan is the same but makes managing the experience for family members more inclusive.

While it’s hard to fault 1Password in any way, sometimes it can feel overly complex. Logging into the iOS mobile app for the first time it asks whether you want to sign in with four different options –, iCloud, Dropbox, WLAN Server – or create a standalone vault. If you select it asks for a sign-in address, email, your “Secret Key,” and Master Password. It’s all a bit much when the app’s name is 1Password.

I found it can be overly aggressive on desktop computers too, constantly relaunching when closed and wanting to complete a task.

Those items largely pale in comparison to the pleasant design, rich feature set, and mostly stealth workings. Some of the neat features include 1Password’s own web browser so you can browse and login to sites right from its app. It also includes an Apple Watch app for carrying certain information on your wrist.

My years of experience using different versions of 1Password have generally been positive. It works as expected and is always trying to go the extra step in keeping passwords safe and making logins in simple.

Pros: Constantly updated and supported, great design, includes advanced and extra features

Cons: No free version, can be overwhelming for new users

$3.99 from 1Password


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