The Best Streaming Service in UK

The Best Streaming Service in UK

Video on demand has become the new norm now. Almost all the streaming services have carved in their claws on every household in the UK. Each family now owns multiple streaming services, based on their likings and requirements. Some have even gotten rid of their cable tv networks completely, finding their source of entertainment and TV through multiple streaming services. 

But which one is the best amongst them all? Which service offers the best content at an affordable price that would not break your bank. We have sorted out some of the best streaming services in the UK for you to choose from, which are as follows:


Netflix is currently the most trending and popular streaming service in the world. The content library it offers exceeds in number, including the Netflix Original content that the service is widely famous for. Netflix has customized libraries across the regions based on their regional content and rights. 

US Netflix library is currently the most versatile of them, with thousands of titles present and new content added each day. You can access it using the best vpn for American Netflix in UK and enjoy all the restricted titles this holiday season. 

The current Netflix price plan is as follows:

  • £5.99 per month for one stream in standard definition
  • £8.99 per month for up to two screens simultaneously in HD
  • £11.99 per month for up to four screens simultaneously in 4K HDR/Dolby Vision

Netflix is available on all mainstream devices and software, including multiple streaming devices.


The best entertainment source for you and your family, Disney+, came into the UK market this year, and it became a staple for families with young kids or just adults who grew up watching all the Disney classics on Disney Channel. It also houses all the Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars franchises on their platform, further attracting more dedicated customers. 

The overall content library is relatively smaller than Netflix, but you can’t find these movies and films anywhere else. Moreover, Disney+ recently introduced a new “Premier Access” service, which would cater to its exclusive releases for a specific price. They launched the service with Live-Action Mulan for $29.99. 

The price plan for Disney+ in the UK is as follows:

  • £5.99 per month
  • £59.99 for a yearly subscription

Disney+ is available on all platforms, including streaming sticks and boxes.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a UK exclusive streaming service which not only shows movies and TV shows but numerous channels and BBC news as well. It owns various shows like Peaky Blinders, Doctor Who, and much more from the British entertainment industry. 

BBC iPlayer is free for users in the UK. You can just visit the site and start watching all the content online! 

Like other top streaming services, BBC iPlayer is also available everywhere. 

Amazon Prime Video

Makers of the hit TV show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, a product of Amazon Prime, the video streaming service, are among the world’s top 5. It has millions of subscribers across the globe as it is available worldwide. Amazon Prime Video is also a very close rival of Netflix and Disney+. But it is soaring and releasing new original content like Netflix every year. 

It also has British entertainment like Downton Abbey, Jane Eyre, and The Palace. 

The price plan for Amazon Prime consists as follows, 

  • £7.99 for a month membership
  • £79 for their annual membership

Amazon Prime Video comes with a free 30-day. It is also compatible with all the devices and software. 


Another British exclusive service which guarantees a wide variety of British entertainment along with multiple TV channels. It is a product of BBC and ITV in comparison to Netflix, and so far, it has managed to engage quite a number of customers in the UK and the USA. 

The Brit Box comes with a free 30-day trial, along with a price of £5.99 per month.

The Best Streaming Service in UK

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ recently came out with its own streaming service, which is super affordable and has original Apple TV content on its service only. They do not have any other shows as they are already widely available. Apple’s attempt to attract an audience with original content is so far a success as they have been the talk of the town recently with their morning show featuring Jennifer Aniston. 

It offers the best price of £4.99 per month or free for a year with a new iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, or Apple TV with multiple features without any additional costs. 

You can stream It on all compatible Apple devices along with multiple streaming devices too. 

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