The Building Blocks of a Business

The Building Blocks of a Business

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Defining Sales Staff

A sales staff refers to all the sales representatives of a company, business or organization who work together as a team to provide services to clients via marketing, promotion, sales pitches and purchase handlings.

This includes the entire team of a business as a whole, such as sales reps, directors, employees and contractors who are answerable to their superiors such as their bosses and head of companies like CEOs.

Sales Staff Duties

Sales reps carry out all the necessary functions required for efficient functioning of a sales company, such as ensuring that customer have the most up to date and accurate goods or products based on their interests and needs, having the ability to analyze and assess the market and keeping up with the trends, doing background checks and discovering prospective clients and knowing how to communicate as well as maintaining strong relationships with them.

Sales staff  may also work unusual hours to make sales depending on the client’s geographical location hence their job criteria requires them to be flexible and prepare for off schedule meetings.

Why do Sales Companies need Sales Staff?

The most obvious reason is the concept of selling. No business can function without a sale being made. Sales are what make a business. Some reasons for  which sales staff recruitment agencies may consider hiring sales reps are

Sales Lead Conversations- Sales staff and reps are in charge of communicating directly with their client and have the responsibility to either make a good sale that will be beneficial in the long run or a bad sale which could impact the smooth sailing nature of a business.

Business Growth- Sales staff also contribute towards improving the business’ brand image through customers. They pitch a sale, the client agrees and depending on how well the process goes the customer may give a good review online and recommend them to people they know, which brings in more business and in turn, more revenue.

Customer Retention- Sales reps do not forget about their clients once the deal is done. Rather, they keep in touch and update them on any new offers through email newsletters or text messages. This ensures a strong and long lasting relationship with their existing clients and not just looking for new ones.

Types of Sales Roles

  • Inside Sales

This part of the sales staff is responsible for maintaining existing client relationships. The main purpose is to retain and ensure that the existing clients continue doing business with them which will last for years.

  • Outside Sales

Face to face sales where the sales rep interacts and associates with clients and prospective ones in person. This can also be known as field sales. They spend more time in areas where the client frequents, rather than office settings.

  • Sales Support

This area of sales staff work behind the scenes by doing jobs which other sales reps don’t do such as closing deals at a quicker rate, doing research on leads, creating customer profiles, analyzing data and performing research.

  • Account Managers

They are involved in focusing on existing accounts. They find creative solutions and innovative techniques as strategies to enhance their company’s services through ways in which they find will help sales reps make better sales.

  • Business Development Managers

Similar to outside and field sales, they go from house to house pitching sales to potential clients. They also use the process of cold calling and have the responsibility of being consistent with bringing new sales and clients to companies. 

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