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The Cold Weather Payment scheme ends tomorrow – what benefits provide entitlement?

Cold Weather Payment will provide £25 for each seven day period of very cold weather between certain dates. The payment will likely come through within 14 working days and it will not affect other any other benefits that the person is receiving.

If the claimant is not in either of these, they may still be able to get the payment if they have an enhanced disability premium, a pensioner premium, a child who is disabled or is aged under five.

Finally, Universal Credit claimants can receive payments if they’re not employed, self-employed and they have a health condition or a young child.

The payment does not need to be requested but a pension centre or Jobcentre Plus should be contacted if a claimant feels that they should receive it but have not.

This will need to be done as a matter of urgency for people who fall into this bracket.

This should help with slowing down the spread of the disease but it has increased pressure elsewhere.

As all claims are now handled online or over the phone, a backlog has been created and there have been reports of huge delays.

Another prevalent issue that could affect payment timings is hospital stays.

Unfortunately, some people may need to spend a prolonged period of time in hospital if they catch a severe case of coronavirus. If this becomes an issue, the claimant will need to take certain actions.

Depending on the claimants circumstances either a local pension centre, Jobcentre office or a Universal Credit helpline will need to be contacted as payments could be affected.

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