The Cons of Using Instagram Bots

The Cons of Using Instagram Bots

With the rise of Instagram, bots came about its quick demise. Or at least, that’s what Instagram is trying to do through its Shadowbanning. If you still believe (as many others do) that bots are doing your IG account good, get a load of the disadvantages of relying on such tools.

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1. Brand Disintegration

This may sound too dramatic to be true. Unfortunately, it happens all too often. Instagram bots that post irrelevant and/or inappropriate comments will hurt your brand and brand image. In fact, surveys show that even “generic” comments are now carefully monitored by users because more often than not, such generic comments are bot-generated.

And Instagram users are more proactive now. A screenshot of said types of comments and posts can easily proliferate to IG communities. It takes a simple “share”. And if these pseudo responses and interactions are linked to your account, expect that they will hurt business and brand image.

Credence and reputation are major players in social media marketing. Budding entrepreneurs arduously and exhaustively build their ventures only to watch their hard work crumble in an instant.

Why? Because they turned to bots, and bots utilise unsolicited electronic messages for mere numbers. Trust us when we say that nobody wants to invest in a business that’s concerned only about this.

2. News Feed Muddle

Since bots are programmed to recognize specific words, phrases, and/or niches, expect that they will make your news feed a living nightmare. IG bots have the capacity to follow as many as a hundred accounts at any given time. Add that to how it can pull up hundreds and hundreds of posts that aren’t relevant to you.

You get to increase your number of followers at an exponential rate. But as a consequence of having said followers be from random niches (and to be straightforward, most are probably pseudo accounts because they’re bot-produced and interlinked), much of your feed will be, dare we say it, rubbish.

3. A Violation Against the Terms of Use of IG

Instagram has released statements that bots access its API (Application Programming Interface) without their authorization. In other words, bots infringe upon the social media platform’s API privacy of operating Terms of Use.

That’s just ONE among the many violations these minuscule software-miscreants execute. Another is that persons and/ or tools must not destabilize servers through the manipulation of Instagram’s own APIs.

It doesn’t stop there. User Content should not be backed up, displayed, and/ or imported, and Instagram affiliations and user linkages managed, through IG APIs without the platform’s permission.

That’s not all. The terms and conditions specifically state that comments are to be customized according to the original post. Plus, spamming is strictly not allowed. There’s even a clause that mentions how actions on Instagram, whether by a business or by an individual, should be put in place no more than once at a single time.

We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg (feel free to go over Instagram’s Terms Of Use) here. The point is that your account will be promptly deactivated once found to be enhanced through bots.

Thinking about going-bot? Think again.

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