The Differences Between the Electronic Cigarette and Normal Cigarette

The Differences Between the Electronic Cigarette and Normal Cigarette

Although electronic cigarettes mimic the feel of a normal cigarette, there are a lot of differences between them. During their launch, e-cigarettes were marketed as a safer alternative for smoking. Scientists have not yet concluded the long-term health effects of e-cigarettes, but studies show that they are less harmful than regular cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes, commonly known as vape pens, work by heating a liquid, which results in a vapor that the user inhales. There is a new e-cig shop online that offers sleek designs in e-cigarettes with multiple flavors for vaping liquid. The liquid burns at a much lower temperature than a normal cigarette, and there is no tobacco or tar involved. These vape pens come in hundreds of flavor to satisfy each user’s taste; be it apple, strawberry, vanilla, etc., there is something for anyone.

Differences Between Electronic Cigarettes and Normal Cigarette

  • Appearance & Feel

The contemporary design and feel of e-cigarettes is what attracts the young people most towards it. At first, e-cigarettes came with a similar design as normal cigarettes, but now there are much different and sleeker versions available. They can either look like a USB flash drive or a pen. Some even look like a cigar or a pipe. Even if their appearance is the same, smoking a cigarette and vaping is an entirely different process.

Out of all the other methods, vaping is known to be the most effective one for curbing the cravings for smoking. They offer the same sensation that you get while smoking a cigarette, it can be smoked in social gatherings, and the hand-to-mouth gesture gives almost a similar feel. Therefore, people have been successfully quitting smoking cigarettes because they have found an alternative in the shape of electronic cigarettes.

  • Chemical Composition

The major element that differentiates e-cigarettes is tobacco. Unlike traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes don’t have tobacco; they are battery-powered devices with a heating element and a vaping liquid in their cartridge. Puffing on these devices heats the vaping liquid and results in a mist that you inhale. On the other hand, when you puff on a normal cigarette, it burns the tobacco and generates smoke; this smoke is the most dangerous thing for the smokers themselves and the ones around them. There are countless harmful toxins, carbon monoxide, and tar that a smoker inhales. The vaping liquid used in e-cigarettes has much fewer chemicals and toxins, and there is no burning element.

  • Addiction

The addictive drug used in cigarettes is nicotine; it makes it harder for people to quit smoking and causes withdrawal symptoms. Normal cigarettes have a fixed amount of nicotine in them, and the more you smoke, the more addictive it becomes. Most of the time, people try to quit by smoking 1-2 cigarettes a day but are not successful in quitting it because the nicotine makes them crave more. With electronic cigarettes, users can choose the percentage of nicotine they want in their vaping liquid. They can choose from zero to higher concentration, so it is entirely up to the user.

  • Flavor

Another thing that attracts user the most are the hundreds of flavors that e-cigarettes offer. There is strawberry, watermelon, mint, root beer, traditional and all kinds of flavor that you can get with an e-cigarette. People are even substituting them in the place of hookahs known as e-hookahs. Normal cigarettes have a traditional flavor like menthol and don’t offer much variety in terms of flavor. 

  • Cost

The yearly or monthly cost of e-cigarettes is much cheaper than normal cigarettes. Only the initial setup cost of electronic cigarettes is expensive. If you smoke twenty cigarettes a day, they cost you $9000 a year, but e-cigarette will only cost $900 a year, so that’s way less than smoking regular cigarettes.

How Are E-Cigarettes Better than Normal Cigarettes?

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, e-cigarettes are less harmful than normal cigarettes as a smoker inhales 7000 chemicals with regular smoking, whereas with vaping, there are lower numbers of chemicals involved. Another comprehensive study on e-cigarettes by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) concluded that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

Here are the three most prominent positive effects of e-cigarettes mentioned in the January report of NASEM:

  • It is less harmful than traditional cigarettes
  • It contains a fewer number and lower percentages of toxic substances than traditional cigarettes
  • May help smokers quit or reduce their smoking addiction.


Whether you are vaping or smoking, they are both harmful to your body, but with e-cigarettes, the harm is much less and a better alternative to smoking. There are people who smoke cigarettes along with vaping; this is termed as dual smoke because they are doing additional harm to themselves.

The idea behind electronic cigarettes was to offer similar action but in a much safer way. So it would be best if you chose to switch to vaping with the goal of quitting smoking entirely. Terpy offers vaping liquids with an option of zero percent nicotine, making it a safer option for you!

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