The Different Types of Courier Services

The Different Types of Courier Services

Sourcing and utilising the right courier service can make all the difference for your business operations. Helping to streamline your fulfilment and delivery process. Which is particularly useful if you run a busy eCommerce business. With so many different types of courier services available, you may not be sure which one is right for you. This handy guide breaks it down for you, giving you an overview of the different types of courier services

Same Day Couriers 

A same day courier service is exactly how it sounds. Your parcel or parcels will be delivered the same day you place the order with the courier service or independent courier driver. When you book a same day courier, your goods will be delivered from A to B by a courier driver within hours. 

You will notice many courier services have started to offer this service to keep up with consumer demand. 

On-Demand Delivery Services

The term on-demand delivery refers to the ability businesses have to make use of online platforms and social media to allow customers to make an order and fulfil this order for them. A courier service providing on demand delivery offers the flexibility for you to rely on them for your urgent and regular delivery needs. Helping you to fulfil your customer orders. 

Multi-Drop Delivery 

A multi-drop delivery service allows you to load all your goods into one place and have these dropped at their correct destinations. These services are great for small businesses looking for support in completing customer orders. 

Scheduled Delivery 

A scheduled delivery will allow you to plan in advance. Which is great for those who need to make large deliveries to reach their destination by a planned date and time. By scheduling a delivery with a courier service, you will also be able to keep track of your delivery and edit or amend the delivery details using their platform. 

Specialist Courier Services

For businesses that require a unique delivery service, specialist courier services offer a solution. For goods that require extra care, larger vehicles or protection for confidential items, some courier service providers offer unique services. Specialist courier services offer a solution for the movement of medical supplies, oversea shipments, goods of high quality and value, or awkwardly shaped and large items. 

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