The Financial and Legal Benefits of Bail Bonds

The Financial and Legal Benefits of Bail Bonds

Getting arrested is never a good feeling! Whether it’s you or someone you love, who’s in jail – the stress, tension, and anxiety are equal. More so, when you or the person concerned is not guilty of any crime. There are times when innocent people get framed in a tricky way, that it takes time to prove them innocent. However, no one wants to put in jail till the time they are proven innocent. It is here that the bail bonds come to good use. Using bail bonds, the defendant’s family get him/her out of jail, till the court date. There is a commercial transaction that takes place via the band bonds.

The Bail Arrangement and Calculations

Usually, the bail bond amount ranges between hundreds and thousands of dollars. The amount depends on the severity of the crime. There are two ways to pay the bail. First, a family member can choose to pay the overall amount for the defendant. Second, you can join hands with a bail bonds agency or company that posts the bail. Here you need to pay a maximum of 10% of the bail amount for using their services. Also, this10% that you pay gets decided by the state where you reside, not the bail bonds company. To know more about this, you can get in touch with Castle Bail Bonds Columbus.

Every defendant who isn’t guilty of the crime wants to get out of jail at the earliest. However, understanding the alternatives can help to make the best decision. Sometimes, it is always better to opt-in for a bail bonds company than allowing a family member to pay. The financial and legal advantages are discussed below:

The Financial Benefits

  • You can add to your savings

When you pay only 10% for the bail bond, you get to save the rest. It enables you to stay away from the stress of collecting more money, as you already have to pay for other legal procedures.

  • You can avert liquidating the assets

When you have to pay a considerable amount in cash for the bail, you need to liquidate the assets. You might also have to refinance the mortgage. You can avoid this when you are opting in for a bail bond.

  • There’s no financial investigation

The defendant’s family might arrange for the vast cash they need to pay as bail. Even then, the police station staff might get suspicious about it. They might have to undergo financial investigations. When you say yes to a bail bond company, this problem doesn’t arise anymore.

The Legal Advantages

  • The legal know-how is taken care of

We are not aware of the legal rules and jargons. Hence, when you decide to pay the bail all by yourself, chances are you might get caught up in a complicated legal battle of doubt and misunderstanding. A bail bond agent or company makes the job easy for you. Since the agent or the company has been dealing with such cases, they know the bail bond process and provide you with every legal know-how to complete the process.

  • There is confidentiality

A bail bond agent keeps your legal case and bail bond confidential. They know how to manage the situation with discretion and accuracy.

These are a few reasons for which you should say yes to a bail bond company or agent. You can research and browse online to find the best company.

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