The Food Industry: How to Grab the Attention of Customers through Packaging

The Food Industry: How to Grab the Attention of Customers through Packaging

Starting a business in the food industry can be a very good idea, if your concept is good and you have an original and interesting idea on how to grab customers’ attention. Otherwise, it can be quite perilous since the market is already overloaded. But everyone needs to eat, so your customers are there, waiting for you to get them to try something new! Here are a few ideas to bring your product into view.

Packaging is Key

You may have the most delicious product in the world, if you can’t find a way to get people to try it, it will never work. To intrigue and entice them into picking up your food, it needs packaging that stands out. That means that you need to create something that will easily be noticed (think of McDonalds simple yet eye-catching red and gold boxes, used for their hamburger and fries packaging), but that will also indicate clearly what the content is. Then, you need to work with a printer whose quality is second-to-none, so that your product stands out, the moment people lay eye on the box or bag they come in.

Online Advertising

If your product is aimed towards the final consumer, and you are the one that has to sell it to them, then you need to think of online advertising. This has been part of company’s marketing strategies for a while, but the coronavirus crisis, which we are still going through, has strengthened the need for a larger presence on the web.

How you advertise on the web is by using keywords. Therefore, your first task will be to learn which are the keywords that your competitors use and try to find others they haven’t thought of, so that you come up first on search engine pages. These keywords should already be existing if you have a website, as they need to also appear there, for the purpose of your SEO strategy.

Find the Right Partners/Distributors

Unless you have your own food chain, you’ll need to go out looking for the right partners to distribute your product on the market. Make sure they have a strong communication strategy or else, you may place your products in the hands of people that won’t be able to showcase your food to the right audience. That would annihilate all the great work you’ve done on packaging and online advertising!

No matter which strategies you end up using, make sure your first communication tool is perfect: That would be your logo. If you get this part wrong, you’ll have a hard time with the rest.

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