The Health and Nutritional Benefits of Lactoferrin

The Health and Nutritional Benefits of Lactoferrin

Lactoferrin is naturally found in milk. It can also be found in various other fluids like saliva, mucus, and tears. Lactoferrin’s primary purpose in our body is to transport iron. Apart from this, it also helps in fighting different infections.

The following are some of the most common health and nutritional benefits of Lactoferrin and why you should make this a part of your healthy diet.

1. Fight Hepatitis C

There is some evidence present that Lactoferrin can be extremely useful in fighting hepatitis C infection. Scientists discovered that Lactoferrin could increase the levels of an immune-system protein, which can be very useful in eliminating the hepatitis C virus.

2. Acne

According to a 2010 study published in “Nutrition,” each of the participants either consumed fermented milk or fermented milk with Lactoferrin for twelve weeks. After a period of twelve weeks, those participants who received the lactoferrin-supplemented milk were found to have a lesser acne lesion count. 

3. Osteoporosis

Some medical research concluded that Lactoferrin might be very beneficial in preventing osteoporosis. Laboratory tests spotted that Lactoferrin can partner with hydroxyapatite, and together they can stimulate the growth and development of bone-forming cells that are known as osteoblasts.

4. Infections

Lactoferrin will also protect your body from bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections. Not only that, it is helpful in shielding your body from infections, but it will also boost your body’s immunity.

5. Ulcers

Another great benefit of including Lactoferrin in your diet is that it helps to protect against a particular type of infection, which may cause ulcers. Results of a scientific study proved that Lactoferrin taken from the cow’s milk, could knock out and reduce ulcers.

6. Other Benefits

Additionally, Lactoferrin is also advertised as a remedy for a variety of health problems. The following are a few other health benefits of Lactoferrin.

  • Boosting the immune system
  • Preventing damage associated with aging
  • Promoting healthy bacteria
  • Cancer prevention

Possible Side Effects

Human Lactoferrin, which is specifically made from processed rice, is found to be safe for around 14 days. Similarly, consuming Lactoferrin from cow’s milk will also be safe for around a year. However, if you take excessive doses, it has the capability of causing some adverse effects, which include constipation, fatigue, skin rash, and loss of appetite.


If you look up online, you can find many online drug stores selling supplements that contain Lactoferrin. The right dose of this particular supplement will depend on factors such as age and medical condition. There is no universal dose range for this supplement; however, in order to treat hepatitis C, the recommended dose is 1.8 to 3.6 grams each day.

Final thoughts

Due to very limited research in this field, it is unlikely that any doctor would prescribe Lactoferrin supplements for any medical condition. However, considering the health benefits of this supplement based on preliminary research, you can include Lactoferrin in your diet. But first, you need to have a chat with your doctor in order to weigh out the possibility of potential risks.

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