Beautiful Imagery for Your Website and Branding

It takes just half a second for potential clients to form an opinion about the visual appeal of your website – according to research published in the journal, Behaviour & Information Technology. Research by Google, meanwhile, has found that visuals with a simple design that conform to industry expectations are more appealing than those which are too complex or unexpected for the industry. Bearing in mind that around 81% of people in the UK conduct research online before buying a product, ensuring that your website is captivating enough to keep them glued to the screen for more than a few seconds, is key. Visuals are also a vital pillar of branding. Your logo, colours, and style should be perfectly in line with your company’s ethos. To ace, the visual game, follow these tips and mark your company as one that is as passionate about design as it is about the products and services you offer.

Keeping it Consistent

If you work in a luxury sector such as the resort/luxury lifestyle, high-end real estate, or upmarket fashion industries, your printed and digital material should exude style from every angle. If you have the budget for it, investing in professional photography will ensure your images are unique, high resolution, and perfectly crisp and clear. Professional photo and videos for social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook go beyond the immediate impact. The editing of both static and moving imagery can really set the mood and speak volumes about what your company stands for and who your target market is.

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Beautiful Imagery Favours a Simple Layout

Whether you are using a template or relying on a design service for your website and printed marketing material, catalogues etc., take note of the Google research mentioned above, and keep it simple. Too many photographs, autoplay videos, flashing ads and the like will completely wrest from user-friendliness and prompt users to exit your website fast. Excessively busy brochures, meanwhile, will stop you from printing large, beautiful images that are far more attention-catching.  Keeping it simple doesn’t mean you have to forego artistry altogether. As noted by, collages can look beautiful on a website as they do in person, whenever there is cohesion between the images in terms of colour, style, or subject. Your images should also have enough ‘white’ (empty) space between them, to relax the vision of your users.

Imagery that Builds Relationships

Your branding needs to connect deeply and on an emotional level with target clients. This is precisely why for the most important aspects of your marketing strategy – including your website and publications (brochures, newsletters, informative documents) – professionally taken photographs should be a priority. Stock photography sites can be useful for social media because the latter is fast-moving and impermanent. However, this type of imagery may not be up to scratch when it comes to more permanent brand identity markers like your logo, website, and merchandise.

Photography and video play an important role in creating your brand and connecting you with your audience. Users will find it tempting to leave your site quickly unless the content arrests their attention enough to prompt them to read your content as well. While in-house photography and stock companies can be a big help for social media channels, consider the visuals you use in your branding basics and your website as a non-negotiable investment that expresses your company’s style and values.

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