The Importance of Induction Training

The importance of Induction Training

When someone says “induction training”, what springs to mind? Long, boring presentations, unenthusiastic note-taking, awkward meet and greets, and a huge volume of information to take in and digest. 

Thankfully, these days induction and onboarding don’t have to be dreary and time-consuming. Onboarding software for HR teams means that new recruits get to enjoy a streamlined induction experience, all admin is all taken care of and employers can build a strong relationship with new recruits from the very first day thanks to the seamless digitised process.

Any HR department will tell you that the induction and onboarding process is incredibly time-consuming and expensive. But why is it such an essential part of the recruitment and new starter procedure? Here we’ll explore the importance of induction training.

Good Training Saves the Company Money

Whether you have a handful of employees or a hundred of them, money is always a complicated subject. And trying to save funds and keep costs down is an essential part of any business.  Induction and onboarding processes might take time, however, in the long run, they do save the business time and money. Having all the information available to employees upfront means that your employees can get on with their jobs as soon as possible, and it also means that they’re less likely to make expensive mistakes.

Increases Employee Retention

Reducing employee turnover rate is a real headache for HR departments. The recruitment process is long and expensive and losing recently hired candidates within a few days of induction is akin to throwing money away. A good company induction means your employees will be well informed and confident as they begin their journey within your business. The happier they are, the more willing they’ll be to settle into their new place of work and enjoy their new role. In short, the better the induction, the better the employee retention!

It Creates a Strong Foundation

Induction training allows new starters to understand who lines into who in the business. Who their managers are, what the other teams do, and who they can communicate issues and queries to will all be covered. A good induction should help to establish points of contact within your business and make it clear to new starters that there is a positive communication culture within your company.

It Highlights the Importance of Company Policy

Induction isn’t just for the benefit of your new employees, it’s also a way to protect your business from any future concerns. Company policies on bullying, sexual harassment, safety in the workplace, timekeeping etc should be explained thoroughly. This will protect your company and hopefully avoid any HR nightmares in the future.

It Boosts Productivity

When your new recruits are shown how to do their roles properly, they’ll be able to jump straight into their first day and hit the ground running. A good induction means that your company’s productivity will certainly get a boost.

Final Thoughts…

Often, workplace inductions are thought of as dull and unnecessary, however, they’re absolutely crucial to the workings of your business. If your induction process is looking a little outdated, consider bringing it into the modern world with the digitised aspects mentioned above.

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