The Innovation of Natural Navigation in The Automation Industry

The Innovation of Natural Navigation in The Automation Industry

The way that we work is changing. The introduction of increasingly clever technology has meant that no longer do we need to do as much manual work. Instead, we can rely on things such as autonomous robots and computers to do a lot of the more menial tasks for us. This in turn has increased the output of production and made workers more productive in the tasks that they do. Here we take a look at natural navigation in the automation industry and how innovative it is.

What is Natural Navigation?

How successful vehicle automation is, relies on one main component – how strong its navigational technology is. Without this, it would not be able to work correctly or efficiently. Natural navigation is the process of technology (robots) essentially being able to navigate without the need for wires, tapes or reflectors. It basically means that they can find their way around easily and efficiently – usually using lasers. The way it works is that the robot will use laser scanners to see space around it and where obstacles are. It will then use this scanned image in order to create a map that it will “remember” and be able to calculate where it can move going forward. Agv natural navigation is just one example of a company that offers this complex and innovative technology.

What are the Two Methods of Natural Navigation in the Automation Industry?

There are two main methods of natural navigation in the automation industry. The first of these is feature matching and the second is scan matching. Scan matching is the process as explained above where a robot’s laser camera matches its position to that of a grid-based reference map. This enables it to localize itself. The main goal of scan matching is to be able to work out where the scans were taken and align these with any features that might have changed (such as boxes in the way) so it knows to avoid these. With feature matching, robots perform what is called “contour-based” navigation and it is the most advanced type of navigation. They can use lasers to identify things such as walls and keep a certain distance away from them, thus being able to safely navigate the space. This is highly important in industries such as e-commerce as objects can be moved around all the time, so it means they don’t run the risk of toppling them over or breaking something accidentally.

Why is Natural Navigation Important?

Natural navigation is a great feature as it enables robots to run autonomously without someone having to control it all the time. This frees up workers time to work on something else. It also means that robots can effectively “see” what is happening in their environment, stopping accidents from occurring that could potentially cause damage to a person or objects that are in that space. Robots are important as they are more robust than humans and don’t get tired, so this can be a more cost effective way of getting jobs done. 

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