The Kibo Code Explained

The Kibo Code Explained

The Kibo Code is a program developed by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton that teaches individuals different ways of earning money through e-commerce without placing an emphasis on tradition online selling methods such as Amazon and Facebook advertising. 

Spread over 8 weeks and comprising of 6 modules, the program is claimed to be quite effective and teaches genuine techniques to be successful in the e-commerce industry. Both Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have implemented these techniques for themselves and have managed to make a significant amount of money in the process. With an aim to promote the e-commerce industry, the duo is now sharing these techniques to enable others to make profits in the same way they did.  

While this blog will briefly touch on the features of the course, for detailed information, you should try reading the Kibo Code review

So without further ado, let’s go!

How Does the Kibo Code Work?

The process works by buying a high quality generic domain name, for which there are tools provided in the course. An online store is set up on the domain name and products are placed on the store depending on the profitability of products more than a demand for a particular product. 

Traffic is then generated towards the domain using alternative methods (other than, for example, Facebook advertising) and when sales are made, a USA-based supplier will dropship the product to the customer directly.

There is no inventory and no management of products. Products that are not profitable are removed from the online store and emphasis is placed on products that yield a higher profit and sell more.

It should be noted that the above is an over-simplification and the entire process entails a lot more, as the module details below will illustrate.


Module 1

In the first module, the program will teach you the basics of online marketing and sales. In particular, you will learn how affiliate marketing impacts your e-commerce business and how you can use it to yield higher profits. You will further learn about sales funnels and how they operate in making profits and increasing your business’ worth. 

Module 2

While the emphasis is on unconventional forms of marketing, you will still be learning about Facebook advertising to an extent. Not only will you learn the technical side of things, but you’ll also learn how to be more artistic in your adverts and attract more customers in the process.

Module 3

This module will teach you about business reporting and analyzing financial data. These are key components of owning and running your own business. 

Module 4

Here you will learn more about the different forms of advertising and how you can run ads to drive more business to your e-commerce store. At this point you will be fully equipped with the knowledge to create your online store. 

Module 5

The fifth module is all about customer relations. You’ll learn how to properly engage with your audience and what factors to keep in mind when analyzing customer feedback. This is key as e-commerce depends heavily on customer engagement and enjoyable user experience. 

Module 6

Finally, you will learn about bidding which will help bring in more customers and clients. Both manual bidding and professional bidding will be covered under this course.

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