Water bottles are a big deal in the Daily Beast office — everyone has a favorite style and I think I’ve finally found mine in the LARQ. It’s certainly an investment at $95 and yet it feels like it will last forever. The BPA-free polished stainless steel exterior is rugged and really elevates everything around it with its elegant matte finish. But it’s the rechargeable cap that holds the bottle’s magic. Equipped with a UV-C LED light that automatically turns on while you’re not using it, the bottle self-cleans itself using the same sanitizing tech that hospitals use, LARQ adding that it can eliminate “up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants from your water and bottle.” I don’t have the tools to test those claims but it seems simple enough and the water tasted fresh to me each time, which is definitely a plus. But really, it’s the substantial-feeling and elegant exterior that makes me really appreciate the LARQ in a long-term sense. And it comes in various striking colors like Monaco Blue and Seaside Mint. This bottle will stick with me through gym sessions, work commutes, and weekends in the outdoors, ever-capable of handling the bumps of bruises of an active life. Summer’s here and you need to stay hydrated with a bottle that will stay with you through all of it.

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