The Low Cost, High Impact Search Marketing Solution that’s Shaking up the Coworking & Serviced Office Industry

The Low Cost, High Impact Search Marketing Solution that’s Shaking up the Coworking & Serviced Office Industry

With the threat of COVID-19 slowly beginning to lessen, and many London businesses having already taken their first tentative steps towards reopening, we’re all coming to terms with what analysts and politicians are now referring to as “The New Normal”.

For owners of shared offices and coworking spaces, the “New Normal” looks grim: Freelancers are continuing to work from home, and there’s a real possibility that many of the capital’s 2,500 flexible workspace providers will fold due to increasing economic hardship.

There are no two ways about it: If you’re a London coworking space or a shared office provider, you’re going to need to raise your marketing game in what is now a user’s market.

Building a strong online presence is one way you can ensure business growth in this fiercely competitive industry. After all, research tells us that 8-out-of-10 workspace users search online before selecting a provider. So a high ranking website that instantly propels your brand to the top of every searcher’s list can make a massive difference.

Yet building an SEO-friendly website is tough: You’ll need a large budget and plenty of willpower to succeed. It can take months, sometimes years, to achieve top search engine results and there’s no guarantee you’ll actually succeed.

That’s where Thrust Trust comes in.

Thrust Trust is a digital marketing start-up offering a low-cost, high-impact solution that allows coworking spaces and shared office providers to quickly get a head start over their competition. 

So what does Thrust Trust bring to the table?

Put simply, the company is offering pre-built, fully SEO-optimised WordPress websites that can be leased for a very low monthly cost. All your business needs to do is add your logo, design and custom content. But here’s the dealbreaker: Thrust Trust have over 650 of these pre-built sites available for lease, with each one already enjoying top search engine rankings for valuable keywords covering all the flexible workspace hot spots across London.

Because the websites for lease are already ranking highly on Bing and Yahoo, which has a desktop search market share in the UK of 20.7%, you can be assured of increased visibility among potential users searching for a workspace. What’s more, you’ll only ever pay for sites that rank on page one of Bing and Yahoo. Should your site fail to rank on page one, you won’t have to pay anything.

Thrust Trust websites don’t require a long-term contractual commitment or an upfront payment, so leasing one of these high-ranking marketing assets is an entirely risk-free investment. 

Whether you’re a coworking space or a serviced office provider, opt for the fastest and most cost-efficient solution to gaining more clients. Count on Thrust Trust to help you reach prospective workspace users and slingshot your business to the top of Bing and Yahoo, instantly!

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