The Most Famous Horse Racers Ever

The Most Famous Horse Racers Ever

Horse racing is a sport with a very long history and the popularity that reaches far into the past. When people went to watch horse races, they hung out, cheered, and placed bets. Horse racing and betting on it is very popular, even today. Fans can bet on horse races here.

 Since horse racing showed to be among the first sports on which people liked to bet, horses participated in those races became real stars. Horses that win Triple Crown, those who seem to be in form and unbeatable for a long time, get all the attention and support from fans. Fans admire them, their owners, and riders. However, there are just a few horses in the history of the sport who stand out. Almost every horse racing fan knows about them and the reasons why they have left so much trace in history. 

1. Seattle Slew

No one expected much of the horse born in conditions like Seattle Slew was born. The horse had one of the most successful seasons ever. In 1977. he won the Triple crown, but also every other competition in which he participated. 

2. Seabiscuit

Seabiscuit was one of the rare horses who lost many races before entering the winning streak. After his first victory in 1935, he became unbeatable. He has won many competitions after that. After the economic crisis that hit Americans in the late ’20s and early ’30s, 

Seabiscuit turned out to be something they needed, something that uplifted the nation. The most memorable moment of his career was his victory against the winner of the Triple Crown. Even though he had a broken leg, he showed how fighting he can be. Everyone admired him. 

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3. Man o’ War

Man o’ War was one of the horses that changed the sport entirely. His remarkable success (winning 19 of 20 competitions in 1919/1920, and his 28-foot stride, which is considered the longest in the history), enhanced the popularity of the sport. He was one of the sports stars of its era. 

4. Secretariat

This thoroughbred horse was one of the most popular horses in history. After 25 years he won a Triple Crown. Those who rode it described the horse as the one who always listened and who could always feel what others told him or wanted him to do. 

The only jockey who won the Triple Crown twice said that Citation was the best horse he rode. His words must have meant something. The citation was very successful between the ‘1940s and ‘1970s. Persistent and always lively, sometimes he seemed to be invincible. 

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